Vacation time

A week ago or so I announced that the blog (and I) was going on vacation. This year I brought my computer. Today I enjoy a day off and decided to fetch up a little with everything since I left Denmark on August 5th. You know; free wifi, a computer and a day off makes it hard for me not to write a little.

As we all know the Crown Prince family has spend their vacation in Gråsten - partly on their own and later joined by the Queen and her sister Queen Anne-Marie. Apparently the family decided to see more than just Gråsten. They also visited Skagen - the city as far as you can come north of Jutland. Differently worth a visit if you ever visit Denmark. The Crown Princess captured a beautiful evening spend by the sea, here.

Then on August 3rd the family decided to enjoy their vacation on board Dannebrog - the beloved royal yacht. All unofficially. They both visited Aarhus, Samsø, here, Lyø and Lolland. At Lolland the family enjoyed a day in Knuthenborg Safaripark, where more than 1,000 wild animals live like in nature itself. It is the largest safaripark in Northern europe. Also worth a visit. From everything I see, the family have had a wonderful time on board Danneborg. Lots of wonderful pictures have been shared with us from the tour, here. All taken by the Crown Princess herself. We even get to see a couple of pictures of the Crown Prince couple. That rarely happens. What a treat.

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