Changing of the guard at Gråsten Castle

Friday, July 20th

Like most other families the Crown Prince couple enjoy summer time with a vacation along with all four children. This year they stay at Gråsten Castle and now the Queen and her sister Queen Anne-Marie joined them. Little under a week ago, the family attended the annual parade of Gråsten Ringrider Association near Gråsten Castle, here. We rarely get to see the family, when they are on vacation and that's just fine with me. They need some time on their now and then. A few days ago the family shared a rare moment with all of us on Instagram. It shows Prince Vincent having a silent moment on his own in the garden, here. Then on Friday we then got one more glimpse of the family, because of the changing of guard's at Gråsten Castle. The Crown Prince couple, all four children, Queen Margrethe and Queen Anne-Marie watched the shift taking place. This little "ceremony" takes place each Friday while the Queen stay at the castle in Gråsten. It is performed by the Royal Livgard Music Corps and Tambur Corps.

Think it is wonderful to see the family gathered. All of them seems happy and in a great mood during the shift. Especially, I noticed how comfortable Prince Vincent seem to be. We rarely see him this relaxed and comfortable. I am glad on his behalf that he is now able to feel more comfortable in public. And the Queen looked her very best with her little dachshund following her whereabouts closely.

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Mary played it safe with a rather simple and boho-chic outfit at the changing of the guard on Friday. She looks all comfortable in her new off-shoulder blouse from Designers Remix (identified by Heaven) and still unidentified maxi skirt. It features a significant paisley print, but so far I have not been able to identify where it is from. Reminds me of something Chloé could have in one of their collections. All other ideas are very welcome. Let me hear what ideas you in mind.

I always admired Mary's holiday wardrobe. The bohemian style makes a great match to her personally and what we are use to see her wear during everyday's. And a perfect contrast to huge tulle gowns and pencil skirts. It is clear that her daughters have inherited (or taking noticed of their mother) her sense of choosing chic outfits. Princess Josephine dazzled in a blue off-shirt dress and sandals, while her older sister were dressed in a denim dress and brown sandals. Their brothers embraced (as their father) shorts and short sleeve blouses. Love how the family always manage to match each others clothes with such perfection. Even the colours match. Mary also accessorized her look with reused snake t-strap sandals from Prada.

Blouse  Designers Remix White Off-Shoulder Top
Shoes  Prada


  1. The family all in different color blue and white look so cool and summery. Nice to see time spent with Queen M and Q A-M.

  2. Nice to see so many of the family there. Maybe the next photos will be with the children and the upsent husbands and others. Always nice to see the Queen and her extended family. css