Carlsberg Foundation Research Award

September, 17
Photo by Agnés Colbert

Crown Princess Mary handed over the Carlsberg Foundation Research Award at Glyptoteket in Copenhagen.

Like a blue star Mary shone in her brand new blue suit! When she arrived to Glyptoteket I fully understand why she caught everyone's attention. Not only is it unusual to see her in such a bright colour -blue isn't that unusual- and second it really takes a woman with a lot of confidence to wear a matching set. Her look give me the sense of a 70s casual and hippie silhouette. With this I do not mean Mary looks like a relaxed hippie but the blouse features wide sleeves and the model is a bit 'loose' which gives her the casual look. Because she's wearing the same colour from head to toe it makes her seems longer and the slim trousers makes her legs longer and thinner. The electric blue colour next to her skin tone and dark brown hair colour is really a great match. In this modern runway set Mary made my day! I had some help with this one, thanks to the owner of Tesouras & Tiaras, Lurdes, it has been identified as Gucci (RTW Spring/Summer 2013). Makes it even better because Gucci isn't a brand we see wear that often. Edgy, unexpected and great! The three words I would use to describe her outfit. 

When she's somewhere on a job, she always have a special glow which makes her so wonderful. I have had the chance to see her once, hopefully I'll one day get the chance again, and you just know when Mary has entered the room. Her smile, personality and this glow (royal magic stardust almost surround her). I'm not sure how this is even possible for one person to contain that much elegance. Mar can. Her laid-back and normal attitude makes her one of us. I understand why people almost fall in love with her personality because she almost capture you, a fascination you can't control. Well, before I get too sentimental -I do not hope you think I'm too crazy- I think we should talk about accessories. Are you ready for that?

She wore three exclusive and expensive brands, everything from shoes to jewellery. As I wrote in the beginning; to wear the same colour from head to toe makes her look taller, the same effect does a long necklace have. Mary had chosen a long, silver necklace from Piaget featuring two diamond tube, round pendants. A really exclusive necklace only a few people will ever get their eyes on. I would be afraid the store demanded payment for a single look at it! Just kidding. To match this wauw-factor piece of jewelry she wore silver metallic Prada pumps which has their own WAUW-factor! Don't they? And a pair of Marianne Dulong earrings. I wouldn't mind wearing them. This was not enough for her so she added a Jerome Dreyfuss clutch. I'm not a fan of the mix of materials but again Mary nailed it!

Blouse + Trousers: Gucci Electric Blue Set
Necklace: Piaget Possession Long Necklace $19,000
Clutch: Jérôme Dreyfuss Elaphe and Leather Clutch $680
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Shoes: Prada


  1. Love the colour. I'm more of a dress person myself but I understand the appeal of this suit.

    1. I think she is so lucky that she can wear a suit like this. Unfortunately, I could not wear this outfit at all because of my height but it looks great on Mary ;)