Introduction of Klubfidusen

September, 17
Photo by Agnés Colbert

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the introduction, at the football club in Bagsværd, of new project by the Mary Foundation called Klubfidusen.

What you need to know about Klubfidusen:
Klubfidusen is a project made in collaboration with the Mary Foundation, Save the Children (Red Barnet), DBU and Trygfonden. The project have a series of activities and material to help the children the values of tolerance, respect, compassion and courage on and off the football field. Read more about the great project here

To follow Mary when she's on a job is incredible and I love every detail of such a visit. It might not get better or maybe it does because when she's somewhere with her husband, Frederik, or even bring the children the scale goes to 100% as a perfect visit. Then it's only bonus if she's wearing something amazing. I'm pretty sure the Mary Foundation is important to Mary, her own fund she helped to start, and when a new project is about to be introduced or inaugurated I think she's the first to attend. I think it makes her proud to see her work become a reality with the hope and vision that the new project will help someone in a good way. Yesterday she went to a football club in Bagsværd with Frederik to introduce a the new project called Klubfidusen. A project where to give children a good and welcoming environment in football clubs in Denmark. They want to create a environment where the children have a good time playing football, make new friends and create a community.

In a great mood Frederik and Mary arrived to Bagsværd and was welcomed by lots of children, happy to see the Crown Prince couple. Dressed for an active day Mary and Frederik met the kids who are a part of the Klubfidusen-project. Mary got flowers at the arrival. Her hair was in a simple hair do which made her diamond Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen earrings visible. Under the Olympic Games 2010 jacket she wore a white shirt with a navy blue blouse over. A great match! Jeans and blue/green New Balance sneakers made her outfit complete.

To inaugurate this new project Frederik and Mary participated, with each other in their hands, in a games with the children on the football field. They got the chance to try one of the activities. So many laughs and smiles both from the royal couple and the participating children. As a finial thing a picture was taken of the couple with the children dressed in their green t-shirts. 

Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Earrings
Jacket: Olympic Games
Sneakers: New Balance 890 TR2


  1. Hi! Please Which designer jeans of her?? Thanks!! ;)

    1. I'm very sorry but I do not know anything about the designer of her jeans. We have seen her wear jeans from BOSS Hugo Boss and J. Band, these could be from one of these two brand.