Day 1: State Visit from Vietnam

September, 18

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik have invited the President, His Excellency Truong Tan Sang and Madam Mai Thi Hanh, of Vietnam to Denmark. The visit will last from September 18th to 20th. 

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary at the arrival in the airport of Copenhagen

Now we are in the middle of September and the cold and windy weather have for real arrived to Denmark. This means our coats, gloves and sometimes gloves are needed. But who says you have to dress boring in the autumn? Black isn't the only opportunity we have. I'm personally a huge fan of autumn and winter, they are my favourite months a year. Yes I know, I know summer is everybody's favourite but not mine. There is just something special about the cold months. Long dark nights while reading a good book, raped in a wool blanket with a cup of tea. Wool sweaters and scarves. It really does not get any better! Frederik and Mary were also dressed propoly to welcome the President and his wife from Vietnam in the airport of Copenhagen. Wearing a kerosene coloured coat she showed who to use colours in winter. I really like the combo with the black accessories. The coat stands out and is really lovely on her. Funny thing that both Mary, Queen Margrethe, Princess Marie and the President's wife Madam Mai Thi Hanh did all wear shades of blue. Actually the President himself wore a blue tie. She chose to wear her black hat made by Susanne Juul with a simple and beautiful left side chignon hairstyle. A hairstyle I love to do because it's so feminine and it is great for any kind of outfit -day and night, work and evening. By the way, the hat she both owns in black and a significant purple colour. Mary added black, leather gloves such as a leather belt to make her outfit complete. I would never have thought of wearing a belt outside my outwear! Great idea to all of us, thanks Mary. Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is the creator of the silver diamond earrings. Those you find in the link below is the same model as hers but remember Mary's have diamond attached. The black clutch under her arm is the one we already know all about, Carlend Copenhagen's Vanessa and the pointed black leather pumps is from Danish SAND Copenhagen

Hat: Susanne Juul
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen
Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Flower Earrings
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa DKK 8,500

Crown Princess Mary & Madam Mai Thi Hanh visiting the kindergarden Humlebien

Despite the rainy and cloudy weather Mary and Madam Mai Thi Hanh visited Humlebien, a kindergarden in Hellerup, in there afternoon. They were both welcomed with flowers by children, the leader of the kindergarden and the major of the city. I just have to leave a comment of the President's wife in her traditional suit. I think she looks absolutely lovely in the power pink colour next to her dark hair. Really really beautiful and very feminine. The reason for the visit was to introduce one of the Mary Foundation's projects Free of Bullying (Fri for Mobberi) and to show her how it all works. The children had drawn fanciful drawings that were given to both women doing the visit. It made both of them smile and laugh. To me it looks like a very relaxed visit with lots of good memories for all of them to remember. 

Mary was dressed in clear lines with not that much frisky details something I like about her personal style. Simple and not confusing at all. Her figure allow her to wear almost anything she could ever dream of. Most attention was given to the white Strenesse pencil skirt. A good old item I never get tired of and matched with the black peplum from Hugo Boss and the bordeaux accessories -shoes are from Prada- she stole my heart! The combination is great. A little glam in form of a white pearl bracelet and black pearl earrings both designed by Marianne Dulong

Blouse: Hugo Boss Ipeplana DKK 850
Skirt: Strenesse 
Shoes: Prada
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Catena DKK 30,800 
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Aqua DKK 13,200

Gala dinner at Fredensborg Castle 

Photo @ Agnés Colbert 

Dressed for a gala night Frederik arrived with his beautiful wife to Fredensborg Castle. In the light of  the press' blitz Mary stepped out of the shiny black crown car (Krone bil) to attend a gala dinner with the President and his wife who are on a visit in Denmark these days. This is more of a welcome gala dinner. And wauw I am amazed by Mary and her powder pink princess outfit! I literally lost my breath. She is shining like a star in the skye. So who made this wonder? Well I'll tell you right away. Jayson Brunsdon did this gown especially to Mary. A custom-made gown for the Crown Princess of Denmark what an honor as a designer. A dream I would dream of as a designer. The tulle skirt reminds me of Disney princess, am I right? Even more with the stunning lace peplum which is a lovely detail to give the gown. Notice how well the two colours -powder pink and blush lavender- match each other? Really beautiful work. I could keep talking about this gala gown for hours, I will spare you. To this magnificent outfit she wore her diamond wedding tiara, Prada pumps, a yet unidentified pink clutch in the same brilliant colours as the tulle skirt and a silver diamond bracelet on her right wrist. I think you could also be wearing her diamond Marianne Dulong ring on the same hand as the bracelet. Mary also wore some kind of pink and diamond earrings, I think we have seen them somewhere before. They could be inherited? The colour of her dress made the light blue Order of Elephant stand out. And her well-done hairdo... now, do you understand why I'm amazed by her?!

Photo @ Agnés Colbert
Dress: Jayson Brunsdon Powder Pink Gown
Tiara: Wedding Tiara
Ring: Marianne Dulong Halo 
Shoes: Prada


  1. I like the blue coat with the black hat. Have we seen the coat before? She also has an interest belt, like a leather tie.

    I love the pink ballgown. Finally she skipped the brown jacket and added someting else.

    1. As far as I know it is a new coat, I have never seen it before. I actually like the color of it. And with the black, leather belt it looks so cool.
      I think the pink gown is absolutely stunning! So much better without the jacket.