Militar Exercise on Bornholm

September, 13

Crown Princess Mary participated in a military exercise with the Danish home guards on the island of Bornholm.

When became a Lieutenant back in 2009 for the Danish home guard she kept a tradition a live. Our  dear Queen Margrethe has also served her time in the home guard. Now Mary is on the island of Bornholm for a military excise. It's cool to know that with her title as Crown Princess she is also a part of the protection of Denmark. She has my respect. In Denmark, men must serve their military service but it is not the same when it comes to women, they choose it. This is something Mary has chosen, but it's cool that she made that choice. I hope she had a good day claiming rocks and fighting nature. She proves that she's much more then a porcelain figure on the top of a cake. 

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