Meeting in the Mary Foundation

September, 11

Crown Princess Mary was the host of a meeting with the Mary Foundation, it took place at Amalienborg in Copenhagen. Crown Princess Mary gave a speech about the past year in the foundation and she told about the plans for the next year. A presentation was given about loneliness and children's language.

This meeting is held every year and I think it's important to Mary to participate and follow what's going on in the foundation. She busy but never too busy to follow the work of her own foundation. I know that she have several good people to work with the fund in the everyday's, I think she likes to be a part of the work. It is a day to refresh the funds vision and plans. I think this is a day where Mary reminds herself that her fund is doing a great job and that they really do make a different. The meeting is also a change for her to meet their partners. I'm pleased to know that Mary try to make a different in Denmark and in the international front. I hope she and the foundation will be able to go on for many more years. They have great results and this should give them the courage to keep on going. 

Mary seemed to be in a great mood yesterday even though it was some serious subjects to talk about, there was also place for a smile and a little laugh from the royal protagonist. The enthusiastic Crown Princess was dressed in a lovely moss green sheer dress featuring long sleeves and fitted waist. I love the green colour and next to her dark brown hair, amazing! I think I see a new ring on her left hand but there are only few pictures and eye do not recognize the style. On the same arm she wore at least two bracelets I know the designer of:  Shamballa and Ivory Bogota.

Bracelet: Ivory Bogota Brown DKK 299
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet

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