Dinner with The Clinton Foundation

March, 9th

Crown Princess Mary attended a dinner hosted by the Consul General of Denmark in New York. Ms. Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation also attended the dinner. The day before, Crown Princess Mary had arrived to New York because of a two-day visit.

The Clinton Foundation
The Clinton Foundation works with the issues areas 1. climate changes, 2. economic development, 3. global health, 4. health and wellness and 5. women and girls in among others the United States, Africa and Asia. With the motto "We are all in this together" the foundation have created a collaboration between businesses, NGO's, governments and individuals because they believe it is the best way to unlock human potential. Read more about the foundation here

Two days ago Mary arrived to New York to attend a meeting with the UN Commission because of her status as patron of UNFPA, Maternity Worldwide and of course as a member of the High Level Task Force for ICDP. For Mary to meet with representatives from the Clinton Foundation is really a big deal. They work with major issues like climate changes, global health and girls and women's rights. Every single one of these have an influence on how we live, are able to create the life we want and which opportunities we have. More and more Mary is involved in humanitarian work by supporting both big as small national organizations and similar international foundations. For the last couple of years her appearance is demanded and now she attend international conferences mainly about women and girls right to health and rights. In Denmark she works to fight against social isolation with the Mary Foundation, she is patron of multiple organizations and foundations and lately she has also gone into the debate on global maternal health and child birth mortality issues. During the dinner Mary discussed a number of these global issues with Ms. Chelsea Clinton who is the Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation. You may have heart the name 'Clinton' before, that is because Ms. Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. With her parents she drive the foundations motto that We are all in this together means that we need to work together crisscrossing to get the best result. Especially Ms. Clinton pays attention to the foundations health initiative, that works strengthening health care and access to lifesaving services in developing countries worldwide. These two powerful women for sure had plenty to talk about during the dinner hosted by the Consul General of Denmark in New York and have at a previous event met back in 2013 at the Women Deliver conference according to usa.com.dk.

Even though, it was more or less a private dinner a few photographers managed to get some photos of her before she entered the building of the Consul General of Denmark in New York. I found them at Newscom.com where you also can be luckily to find them. The Consul General of Denmark also posted a couple of photos of Mary along with Ms. Chelsea Clinton. Despite the lack of quality pictures I am pretty sure about what she wore which, I by the way, love!! These days she really dresses amazing. I adore the variety of colours and different materials. A great mix of prints and patterns. I was more than anything love to wear this outfit myself without hesitating a second that's for sure. She wore this magnificent dark green dress in suede featuring cap sleeves. It is the second or third time we see her in that green dress, the first time was at a reception for the Presidential couple from Slovakia visiting Denmark back in 2012. You remember it? At the arrival she was also wearing her black Prada coat, the same designer as the lambskin dress. In the same dark green colour she accessorized this stunning dinner outfit with a pair of Jewlscph earrings but what's most incredible was the shoes she was wearing! Leopard printed pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Yes, what you just read is correct, leopard printed pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Imagine a green dress and leopard pumps?! This is why I love Mary's style; she takes a chance with her outfits and add details non of us would dare to. She can make anything look good. Her outfit I see so clearly in front of my from now on when choosing my next go-out-for-a-dinner-outfit.

Jacket: Prada
Dress: Prada Green Suede Dress $245.00
Earrings: Jewlscph Noble Green Earrings DKK 19,499
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Leopard-Print Calf Hair Pumps $795

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