Day 1: CSW58 - Commission on the Status of Women

March, 10th

As member of the High Level Task Force for ICDP, Crown Princess Mary attends the CSW58: -Commission on the Status of Women meeting which takes place in the United Nations Headquarters in New York from March 10-11th. 

CSW58 - Commission on the Status of Women
The Commission on the Status of Women was established in 1946 by Council resolution. CSW or Commission on the Status of Women is among other exclusively dedicated to promote gender equality, documenting the reality of women's lives throughout the world and  the empowerment of women. This year is the fifty-eighth session held in New York. Read more here.

Program: New York
  • 8:20 am. Crown Princess Mary gave a speech at the "Investing in Girls and Women: Everybody Wins".
  • 10:00 am. Crown Princess Mary particiapted in the official opening of CSW58.
  • 1:15 pm. Crown Princess Mary attended the meeting on gender discrimination "Everyday sexism and hate speech - what are the consequences for women’s empowerment and equal opportunities?".
  • 3:15 pm. Crown Princess Mary met with Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin and Anne-Birgitte Albrechtsen from UNFPA.
  • 7:00 pm. Crown Princess Mary attended a dinner hosted by UN’s Ambassador Ib Petersen.

Crown Princess Mary attending the CSW58 - Commission on the Status of Women

The day before it was planned Mary should attend CSW58 in United Nations Headquarters, she arrived one day earlier and met with Ms. Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation over a dinner hosted by the Consul General of Denmark in New York. The reason why Mary take part in the 58th section of the Commission on the Status of Women is because of her membership of the High Level Task Force for ICDP. Also representatives of Member States, UN entities and ECOSOC-accredited non-governmental organizations, known as NGO's, from all parts of the world did also attended the session along with the Danish Crown Princesses. The Commission on the Status of Women, which was established back in 1946, is the place to talk about access and participation of women and girls right to education, training, science etc. such as promote gender equality. It takes many dedicated people year to change the attitudes about women and girls and one of these is Mary. It is not the first time I mention this, but I'm proud of Mary as representative for Denmark in such situations. As royal Mary can't talk politics but still she manage to engage in political issues without ever crossing the line. She is well-spoken and has a powerful voice on the international stage at all kinds of conferences dealing with humanitarian work such as improving the conditions worldwide for women and girls. She is also a highly respected woman and is a perfect advocacy to create positive attention around her where every she goes. As a woman I hope that just some of what she works for will come true. Women deserve the same right and opportunity as men no matter where in the world they live or under which conditions. Mary was one of the keynote speakers but did also closely follow the debate surrounded by men, all trying to help women to get a better life away from oppression and with more freedom to do what they want.

It was a professional and sophisticated Crown Princess who arrived to attend the first day of the 58th session of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York. Without attraction too much attention, she was dressed in a all black suit and white silky blouse from Elise Gug. The suit is a typical workwear outfit that gives any woman a sense of power. Just what Mary need when she represent Denmark and women in general at the conference. We are in March and despite New York does not have the same miserable weather as in Denmark, a black scarf was needed softening her look a bit because of the masculine black suit. I didn't really find any pictures that shows which pair of shoes she was wearing by my guess would differently be a pair of black pumps. They would do great to the pants suit. Mary is indeed a master of style and I love she chose a burgundy ADAX handbag instead of a black one. Give some life to a all black outfit. With the burgundy back she looks chick! Despite from wearing her white pearl earrings from Marianne Dulong and wedding/engagement rings, I do not believe she more any other jewelleries. I could be wrong but no that many pictures have been published, most of them are found on social medias and are all blurred, and it's hard to see if there are any other accessories I recognize. A soft blowout and natural makeup completed her look at the first day in New York with CSW.

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Blouse: Elise Gug Long Sleeved Top €349
Bag: ADAX Spinea A4 DKK 2,999

Crown Princess Mary attended the dinner hosted by UN’s Ambassador Ib Petersen

After a long day with meeting after meeting, she also met with met with Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin and Anne-Birgitte Albrechtsen from UNFPA, it was time for at dinner. This dinner was hosted by Ib Petersen, UN's Ambassador which whom she has met earlier. Surrounded by the dark night, Mary arrived to attend the evenings dinner with other special invited guests. It was a private dinner and no camera, as I know of, was let in. Therefor we only have a short footage from when she arrived and was welcomed outside the building. Because of the darkness it is also quite difficult to spot what she was wearing. But you know me, I do not give up that easy. I'm as interested as you are and exited to see what she will be wearing. Something it's almost impossible to get anything out of two bad quality photos and a 10 seconds footage filmed in darkness but my eyes spotted quite a few things that made we really excited! Now I have watched her arrival a couple of times and at first I did not see it but suddenly I realized what skirt she was actually wearing. I skirt I believe we haven't seen her 38th birthday. A black and silver lave wonder of a skirt from Heartmade Julie Fagerholt. It is a pencil shaped skirt featuring a significant lace. My guess would be she wore it with some kind of black top because of the black Prada coat and sheer tights. Once again we saw her with the burgundy ADAX handbag and what's better than matching ones bag with ones shoes?! No, right. Nothing. Therefor Mary matched her burgundy handbag with same coloured Prada pumps. A really lovely outfit!

Coat: Prada
Skirt: Heartmade Julie Fagerholt
Bag: ADAX Spinea A4 DKK 2,999
Shoes: Prada

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