Royal ball at the Naval Academy

Saturday, March 14

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the cadet ball at the Naval Academy, in Copenhagen.

So, this is a little confusing but keep up with my for a moment and you will understand. The Crown Prince couple attended the cadet ball at the Navel Academy last week which is why the date is no right. Somehow no pictures, articles etc. were published at the time. Quite annoying and I still do not know why. Hard to know that the couple have attended a ball (!) and we got nothing. This is the main reason why I have not posted anything from the evening -till now. Still, I only have a few pictures to comment on. I can't even make a link to the pictures, you have to find them yourself. Go to Write 'Crown Princess Mary ball march 2015' and then you'll find some pictures from the evening. 

Now when we have some pictures I am thrilled to see that Mary was wearing one of her old evening gowns! I have never been able to clarify if the information I have on the dress is correct, but what I've always heard then the brown gown is from Julie Fagerholt Heartmade. Judging by style and design then I still see it as a possibility. Can't recall we have ever seen that long shawl before; have me? Looks just great along with dress and the rest of her outfit. She has chosen to wearing diamond earrings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen (from my favourite collection Winter Frost!!) and probably also a bracelet from the same collection. Other than this, she also wore a black unidentified clutch and her black satin Prada pumps. I would love to have seen her hairstyle better, unfortunately that is not possible but it looks really beautiful. Because the dress is reused; I asked for some help to find out when she wore it the first time? I want to thanks all of you who have helped me. Personally I was sure Mary wore it first in around 2005-2007 -I was wrong. Thanks to Mary From the Start and another sweet reader, I can tell it was in March 2008 when she attended an event in Sølyst, Klampenborg, here. The second time was a few year ago in 2010, when Prince Charles and Camilla officially visited Denmark, here. What I really like about this evening outfit, is the fact that her makeup is all natural and that she is actually wearing a burgundy nail polish. So of course we need another RoyalStyle!

This time I am going to talk a little about nail polish. Rarely we see the Crown Princess wear nail polish and when we do, often it is in some kind of red shade. Personally I am really fund of Essie, Chanel and Sally Hansen. Sure you have your own favourites when it comes to finding the right brand. If you are open to try some new ones, then I have found a few I think you should try. The Crown Princess wore a burgundy colour at the Naval Academy ball similar to this, this and this

Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Winter Frost Earrings
Shoes: Prada 

It could be from...
Dress: Julie Fagerholt Heartmade

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