The Crown Princess Mary obsession #2

It is just wonderful that so many of you want to participate in this! I am a little overwhelmed actually and honored at the same time. Sometimes I wonder if people are afraid of talking about their royal passion? For me it comes very natural. Well, now I am quite honest because before I got the job at Royalista, only a few people knew I had a blog. But all knew that I was a royalist and being proud of it. I’m so thrilled that some of you don’t care and love to be a little royal, just like the one in my next obsession-post! This time we hear from a woman who comes from Mary’s homeland, the amazing Australia. Say hallo and welcome to May! Are you as excited as I am to hear her story? Well, here it comes.

In the first place, why did you choose to follow Crown Princess Mary the feature Queen of a little country as Denmark? 
This is the first question May kindly answered with these words:“I'm Australian, so, it's the fairy tale that has captured my heart, interest and fascination. I enjoy following her fashion choices and I’m interested in how she handles her various roles as a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter and future Queen”

For me one of the most interesting things to know more about is your Mary-addiction/hobby/obsession. So May, tell us about it. How did it all start?
“It all started with magazines and newspapers. Then the mandatory daily visits to my favourite royal websites for up to date reports on her movements etc. It has also led me to follow other royal couples around the world.” She also tells that: “I have travelled to many countries in Europe and always visit the palaces, where I can. I am interested in the history and royal stories over the past centuries. A really cool thing May has done is to visit several countries to see her fascination in real life: “Over the years, I have been fortunate to visit London during Kate and Wills's wedding, then again during the birth of Prince George. I was in Stockholm last year for the King's birthday and was at the palace during the celebrations. In Copenhagen last year, I consulted the royal calendar and went to a function that Crown Princess Mary was attending to see her 'live'!”

When she went to Copenhagen to see Mary and the way she describes her is like in a Hollywood movie: “When she stepped out of the car, it was wow! She has such star quality, beauty and charisma.”

All good stories has a beginning and I really want to know how this became an obsession to you?
The answer she gave, is something I recognize myself. Maybe we both are a little crazy or just use too much time on being a royalist…? “It has become a daily habit and I feel like I know them personally!  It is also a matter of pride that my family and friends (although they tease me about it), consider me to be the 'expert' on royal matters.” I asked her what her loved ones think of her interest in the royals and the little obsession. I love the answer she gave: “They have a wry smile but they indulge in my obsession!”

So what is the next thing you plan to do with your Mary-obsession?
“I plan to visit Copenhagen again and see more royal sites and hopefully see the Royal family in person, would love to see Christian, Isabella and the twins. They are so cute!”

I must say that May is ambitious, even though I do not know her in person, but she wants to learn Danish. One of the most difficult language to learn because as she says: “It is frustrating watching Billed Bladet’s videos but not understanding what they say and it would be good to read the books and magazines without translation packages.” May, trust me you are not the only one out there who wants to do that. I feel a little lucky I do not need to learn it!

The last thing she writes is:“Of course, I would love to have a piece of fashion item that Mary has...maybe a Prada bag!” I hope you will be the owner of such a bag!

…the end…

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