Conference on language

Monday, March 2nd

Crown Princess Mary attended, as patron of the Mary Foundation, the Language Conference at the Black Diamond in Copenhagen. 

It was on occasion of the Language Conference that the Crown Princess arrived to the Black Diamond in Copenhagen. She attended as patron of the Mary Foundation who have been involved in the planning of this conference along with University of Aalborg. The conference aim to promote the importance of children's language and the importance of improving children's language skills in the age from 0-6 years old. It has been proven that focus on language in an early age will help us further in life. Already working with projects for children in that age, the Mary Foundation is the perfect partner to collaborate with. The Crown Princess attended the conference along with CEO of the Mary Foundation Helle Ƙstergaard, by whom she was welcomed by at the arrival. Mary found her spot on the stage and gave the opening speech, talking about the importance of improving children's language in an early stage of their live. During the rest of her visit, she carefully listened to everything discussed.  

When Mary arrived to the Black Diamond in Copenhagen, she was in a great mood and looked beautifully as always. She had chosen a chic business-like suit paired with one of her reused Prada blouses and a brand new printed scarf such as a black tote bag. My first thought about who designed the suit was Hugo Boss. Trying to find the one I stumbled across this one here (picture 16.) Let me hear what you think or if you have found the right one.I have also been looking almost everywhere to find a scarf and after a looooong I found a scarf but it seems that I’m wrong because more then one of you have responded on the information I gave – that it was from Saint Tropez. All of you told me that the scarf is from By Malene Birger and I believe you. I pretty much like the scarf with the gery/black leopard pattern it give the outfit a whole new look! And actually one of you remembered that this is not new but used before when she visited Australia, unofficial, in 2010, here. To match cool business-wear she wore sky blue earrings and a matching ring from Pomellato. An identification that has taken me years to figure out. Talking about accessories I also have to mention her black pointed SAND Copenhagen pumps as well as the bag. Judging on the shape and logo we are dealing with a Prada tote bag. 

Blouse: Prada Silk Blouse
Scarf: By Malene Birger Dellisha Square Scarf
Earrings: Pomellato Veleno Gemstone Drop Earrings
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

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