"Everyone Should Learn How to Swim"

Monday, March 9th

Crown Princess Mary attended the launch a new project Everyone Should Learn How to Swim which took place in Kildeskovshallen, Copenhagen.


The Crown Princess arrived to Kildeskovhallen in Copenhagen in a great spirt. She attended the launch of a new project called Everyone Should Learn How to Swim. The project is organized by the Danish Swimming Federation which the Crown Princess is patron for, to make sure everyone can swim. She was warmly welcomed with a bouquet of flowers and a few handshakes. As guest of honor Mary gave the opening speech before the attending children showed their tricks in the water. In her speech she gave the impression of how it is important for people to learn how to swim. During the couple of hours she visited Kildeskovhallen she took plenty of time talking to as many children as possible. They told her how they learn to swim and why they loved spending time in the water. And it really is a pleasure watching her along with the kids.

Taking a look at what she wore at the launching. Then we have a wonderful spring outfit right there! She paired a white blouse with a pair of black trousers and loafers. A stylish look you can create in 5 minutes. The new white peplum has been identified by Kate as Prada. I do not what what you think of peplum blouses but they do great for all sizes, shapes and styles. No matter what time a year they do great. Peplum blouses can be worn both during day and evening. And if you are more to dresses, then that is also possible. Peplum's are just flattering. End of story. Another piece I have been able to find are those dusty grey loafers. I managed to identify them as Rêve. She accessorized her outfit by wearing a few bracelets from among others Marianne Dulong, a couple of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen diamond rings, a golden Cartier watch and then of course that pastel colour Marianne Dulong earrings. If you look at the pictures you also see yet another golden piece of jewellery -a golden bracelet. I am sure we have never seen it before and unfortunately I have no idea where to find it. Hair and makeup were flawless al always!

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Piccolo Bracelet
Watch: Cartier Tank Francaise in 18K Yellow Gold
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Shoes: Rêve Flat Suede Loafers in Gray

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