Meeting with the UNFPA

Wednesday, August 26th

Crown Princess Mary participated a meeting with the Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen and the Executive Director of UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) Dr Babtunde Osatimehin which took place in the Foreign Ministry in Copenhagen.

At 3:00 pm., Crown Princess Mary welcomed the Executive Director of UNFPA, Dr Babatunde Osotimehin at Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg in Copenhagen.

What is UNFPA?
Their work began in 1969 and stands for United Nations Population Fund. The organization is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted by mother's and families and do every childbirth safe such as every young person's potential is fulfilled. Since 1969, where UNFPA began their work, the number of women dying from complications of a pregnancy or the birth has been halved! Today families are healthier and smaller. UNFPA does also work with providing women's health doing the pregnancy. Read more about their work here.

So much are going on these days. First a launching of a new project, the inauguration of a psychiatric hospital and tonight she'll be attending the INDEX: Award 2015. The Crown Princess is a really busy woman right now. The meeting with the UNFPA organization yesterday, was not an official event. Still, the press was there and took some pictures when she and Dr. Babtunde Osatimehin had a conversation with the Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen. This is not the first time she met with Executive Director of UNFPA, because she's been working with the UNFPA at a few occasions for a couple of years now. If I am correct, she once or twice met him as patron of the Mary Foundation. I'm not quite sure what the meeting was about, but my guess is the work of UNFPA. Maybe how Denmark can take part in their work. I love that she, even in her spare time, attends a meeting like this. To me it proves she is very committed to know more, help and to build a connection between different organizations and the Danish Government.

I always try to keep myself updated when it comes to Mary and her official calendar. If you are a royalist you never sleep. There is always things do. Sometimes I miss an event -this was one of them. But a reader made me aware of her presences. With loose wavy hair and a heartbreaking smile, Mary attended yesterday's meeting. She was the center of attention when standing in the middle of Dr Babtunde Osatimehin and Kristian Jensen. As last days outfit, she was dressed in black and white, new and reused. I'm tempted to start with her white blouse, so that's what we do. A few weeks ago, I was just about to buy a similar blouse. The high neckline frame the face beautifully. My reader Kate suggests that her blouse could be from By Malene Birger. Take a look at the link below and tell me what you think. To me the black jacket looks like Prada. The eye catching satin silk pencil skirt is new. Can you believe it, only one day and Heaven has already identified the skirt as Hugo Boss (BOSS Black). After a closer look I kinda like it. Marianne Dulong has created her golden earrings featuring white freshwater pearls. To me it looks like she's wearing her Christian Louboutin pumps as we saw a few days ago.

Jacket: Prada
Skirt: Hugo Boss Vanas Silk & Cotton Skirt
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Decollete 100mm Leather Pumps in Beige

Ideas for identification
Blouse: By Malene Birger Lateefah Blouse in White

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