Meeting with the Mary Foundation's youth panel

20th October

Crown Princess Mary is a hardworking woman. Even when she is not attending official event she is on the run. On Tuesday, she met with David Beasley, the Executive Director for World Food Programme and Rasmus Prehn, Danish Minister of Development Corporation, here. The following, Crown Princess Mary participated in a meeting with the Mary Foundation's youth panel.

The youth panel and Crown Princess Mary were gathered to discuss the well-being of young people during COVID-19. Also the younger generation struggle in times like this. They are separated from their friends, have had only minimal access to going to school and more experience the feeling of being isolated and alone.

With great interest, the Crown Princess listened to both ideas and possible solutions for how to create better well-being in the future, as well as how loneliness can be combated among young people. The youth panel gladly shared everything they had on their mind with the Crown Princess.

Later, she shared her thoughts about the meeting. In a post on Facebook Crown Princess Mary writes that it makes her really happy to feel all the consideration and compassion for those who struggles the most right now. About a week later or so, the Mary Foundation and the Danish Court shared a video from the meeting showing what great dialogue the panel had with Crown Princess Mary, here.

I do not think we get to see Mary more casual than this. Even though she is at a meeting, she was all comfortable. Both in what she was wearing and how she acted. All natural, Mary was dressed in a soft pink turtleneck blouse from ZARA. This is the third time we see it. Last year, she matched it with simple grey trousers. With only a couple of pictures and now a video from the meeting, I am still not sure what she wore to embrace the style of her powder pink blouse. To me it looks like she was wearing black trousers. 

She embraced the outfit with a lovely ponytail. It does not get any more casual than that, but somehow Mary always makes a ponytail look way more chic than when I do one. A closer look made me aware that she also styled her outfit with white and pink diamond earrings. What a splendid combo.

I would love to hear how would you style a pink turtleneck like this. With trousers? A blazer? A long vest?Share your thoughts with me.


Blouse ● ZARA, here

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