Meeting with the World Food Project

19th October

As Crown Princess you meet a lot of people every day. Yesterday, Crown Princess Mary had the pleasure of meeting with the Executive Director for WFP (the World Food Pragramme), David Beasley and the Danish Minster of Development Corporation, Rasmus Prehn. The meeting took place at Amalienborg.

Meeting with these two gentleman, the Crown Princess had the opportunity to congratulate both WFP and David Beasley for being awarded for the Nobel Peace Prize 2020. What a reward, right? The reason why WFP has been awarded is because of their effort to, among other things, combat hunger. They have managed to improve conditions for peace in conflict-areas. WFP also work to prevent hunger from being a weapon in conflicts.

David Beasley also informed the Crown Princess of their future plans and strategic to create more secure ground for those who have to face a food insecure future. I am sure WFP has Crown Princess Mary's full support.

Always dressed to impress. Just look at that outfit. Mary really nailed it this time. What a lovely everyday look for all us us to try. Even though we do not have the exact same trousers in that grey color, and that exact embellished blouse, it is a rather easy outfit to copy. Pair wide-leg trousers with a soft material blouse. Here you go.

Mary embraced this incredible look by wearing a brand new REDValentino blouse. It was identified by Heaven. As you see, it features a embellished Peter Pan collar. Actually, that would be an easy DIY-project. I am really in love with the puffed sleeves. Such as great detail, especially with the rather slim cuffs. She matched the new black blouse with a pair of light grey trousers from JOSEPH.

She also accessorized her business-look with diamond studs and some kind of golden ring. At the moment I cannot give you any more information about her jewellery simply because of poor photo quality. It could be one of her rings, here. The simple ponytail made her even more down-to-earth. I tend to say "of course" Mary topped of her outfit with matching grey suede pumps from Gianvito Rossi.


Blouse ● REDValentino, here

Trousers ● JOSEPH, here (new)

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here


  1. Very important program. The WFP should be very important to everyone, it not only provide food for people in conflict countries but also in natural disasters and Pandemic's. Maybe everyone who is save forget that lots of people are not.

    1. Wise words. Every time I hear of such projects, like the WFP, it makes me believe that we indeed are able to make the world a better place for more people.