The preparations for...

20 January

Within the next two weeks, our Crown Princess is celebrating her 50th birthday on February 5th. Of course this has to be celebrated with everthing it takes. A few plans already changed. Like a dinner at Rosenborg and the Mary Foundation's day of celebration has been given a new date. 

Some time ago, it came to our knowledge that Koldinghus in Kolding will make a very special exhibition about the Crown Princess and Denmark's former Crown Princesses. Today, she visited Koldinghus to see how things are going with the exhibition, which is officially opened by the Crown Prince Couple on January 31st.

The Crown Princess was also given a guided tour around Koldinghus. She was accompanied by Museum Director Thomas C. Thulstrup. Special curtains are made for the exhibition with the same technique as in 1800 and 1900. They are made by volunteers. The Crown Princess met some of these volunteers on her tour.

Visiting Koldinghus, Mary was really lovely in that winterish outfit. Somehow, the weather has been super cold the last few days. So I get it, why Mary chose such a warm look. Heaven made me aware that she was wearing a brand new Mark Kenly Domino Tan vest. Beautiful, don't you think? I like it, but I have no idea how to style such as vest. Cannot wait to see how she will wear it in the future. The black ZARA turtleneck are also a new addition to her wardrobe. She matched it with a black midi skirt from Mark Kenly Domino Tan. Heaven made this incredible identification.

For the first time, I actually adore her wearing a midi skirt with knee-length boots. I am truly not a fan of this combination, but this makes my day. It looks smashing. The plum coloured boots are from Aquazzura. They are reused previously seen on, for instance, September 20th 2019 when she attended the CBS Responsibility Day (here). We also get a glimpse of some earrings, but the photos are not clear enough for me to tell exactly where they are from. Let me know if you recognize them.


Vest ● Mark Kenly Domino Tan, here

Skirt ● Mark Kenly Domino Tan, here

Blouse ● ZARA, here

Shoes ● Aquazzura, here


  1. Thank You so much for all your informations about style of Mary. Do You know, where the black or blue skirt is from. She is also wearing it at the pictures in Euro Women.

    1. You are very welcome!

      Unfortunately, I do not know where the black skirt is from - yet. If I find the designer, it will be added in the post :) Hopefully, I will.