Bridgewalking in Denmark

Sunday, May 10th

Crown Princess Mary attended the inauguration of bridgewalking aross the old Lillebælt bridge between Middelfart and Fredericia. The Crown Princess also opened a new tourist attraction in Fredericia.

It was a very windy day when the Crown Princess arrived to Middelfart to attend the inauguration of bridgewalking across the old Lillebælt bridge between the two Danish cities Middelfart and Fredericia. It has taken about four years to make the bridge ready for the bridgewakling attraction. She was warmly welcomed with flags, handshakes, flowers and hundreds of smiles. She was one big smile herself. The Crown Princess began the walk across the bridge from Middelfart and ended up in Frederica. The walk took place over 60 meters above the ground. I am so afraid of hight's and can't understand why anyone would do this by them self. But Mary seemed to enjoy the wind in her face and sight across the sea. While walking on the bridge, she was told all about the two cities by Mayer Stten Dahlstrøm and Mayer Jacob Bjerregaard. In Frederica she also attended the opening of a new tourist attraction. Afterwards she was suppose to be driven back to her hotel Trinity in an old vintage car. By accident she is the one sitting behind the wheel and end up driven back the car herself to the hotel! What a lovely story. 

When visiting Middelfart she was dressed in one of her white turtleneck's, a pair of black trousers and her checkered Massimo Dutti coat -you remember, the reversible one. A great outfit for a sunny and windy day. Her hairstyle was all natural as with the makeup. The diamond earrings are from Hartmann's and seen multiple times before. I wouldn't mind adding them to my jewellery box, but I am pretty sure I will never be able to afford such diamonds. Still, you are allowed to dream, right? Arriving to Middelfart she was wearing a reused pair of navy blue, suede wedges. Since the first time we saw then, I have been looking everywhere to identify them. Though Mary was worn them several times, I still do not have a quality close-up picture. L.K. Bennett has been suggested several times and the main reason why I haven't recognized this as the right answer to the question of where they are from, is because they haven't been found in the right colour -and the fact that we have no close-up. Now I'm convinced because I found a model in navy blue as the one Mary is wearing. Walking across the bridge she changed to a pair of New Balance sneakers. 

Jacket: Massimo Dutti Reversiable Coat in Navy & Checkered
Earrings: Hartmann's
Sneakers: New Balance 890 Sneakers in Blue & Green
Shoes: L.K. Bennett Navy Blue Suede Wedge Shoes

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