11 years of marriage!

11 years ago on May 14th 2004, Prince Frederik married the 32-year old Mary Elizabeth Donaldson from Australia after a meeting a few years before on the pub Slip Inn in Sydney. Well you all know the story. The big wedding, followed by millions all over the world, was a sensation and most of us remember when Mary stepped out of the car wearing her unbelievable huge wedding dress designed by Uffe Frank in collaboration with Mary and sawn by Birgit Hallstein. And then the old lace veil with the amazing history. In a new book, I have just received, I found out that they lace sitting on the skirt has been recycled from Queen Margrethe's wedding dress which was taken off after the wedding day just like on Mary's dress. You'll soon hear much more about my new book.

I'm pretty sure it's not always easy to be the Crown Prince Couple of Denmark with four children, but so far they made it work. To you who want to experience the wedding once more, here. Now, there is only left to congratulate the couple on behalf of their 11th anniversary!

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