"Reach Out" with the Psychiatry Foundation

Thursday, May 27th

As patron of the Psychiatry Foundation, the Crown Princess visited one of their projects called Reach Out and attended teaching for a school class about mental health and well-being. It took place at the Ruds Vedby school, Ruds Vedby.

Since 2005 the Crown Princess has been patron of the Psychiatry Foundation and yesterday she visited Ruds Vedby school to hear more about the foundation's project Reach Out. The project is all about informing and learning teachers to strengthen pupils mental health from 5th to 9th grade. The pupils parents are also a part of the process. Arriving to Ruds Vedby school she was welcomed by hundreds of thrilled children, who all would like a handshake and glimpse of the Crown Princess. To a journalist she expressed how excited the Mary Foundation is about the project and how it's created to help the pupils in the right direction. When she attended the school lesson, as part of the project, she was sitting among the pupils and as the children she showed great interest in learning more about metal health and its issues. The Crown Princess took plenty of time chatting with as many as possible during her visit at the school in Ruds Vedby. 

In Ruds Vedby she was dressed beautifully in a white peplum blouse featuring a Peter Pan collar. Think we have seen it before, but I can't figure out when or where? Nevertheless, it is still unidentified. The reused capri trousers is from Hugo Boss seen several times before at different occasions for instance last year, on August 26th she visited the Mothers Help, here. Talking about her trousers, it is worth mentioning that the Spanish Queen Letizia has been seen in the same model, here. I suggest that her jacket could be Prada with idea from Reines & Princesses. With a little more help and a good memory, I can tell that the jacket is in fact from Prada and has been before, like in 2014 when she attended the Children's Relay, here. I have been so confused about wedges. Since she wore them for the first time years ago I have been looking everywhere to find them. When I finally found the a navy blue model from L.K. Bennett I convinced myself about their identity. Trying to get a better picture of her shoes, I realized that she was also wearing her square aquamarine blue earrings from Marianne Dulong. They go years back but still looks magnificent.

Jacket: Prada
Trousers: Hugo Boss Capri Pants
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Shoes: L.K. Bennett Navy Blue Suede Wedge Shoes

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