Opening of a reading campaign & opening of an exhibition at Brandts

Friday, June 19th

Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of the Danish children's libraries common reading campaign the Summer Book at Odense Library, Odense. Followed by at visit at the exhibition Danish Fashion Now at Brandst museum in Odense. 1 1

What a busy Crown Princess we have right now, am I right? We are so lucky to get to see her so often these days and it is just great. Today, she visited Odense to attend the opening of the reading campaign the Summer Book taking place at Odense library. The campaign is made i collaboration of the children's libraries in Denmark and is all about sharing the fun of reading books. For those kids who visited Odense library today, is became a very special experience when the Crown Princess of Denmark walked through the door. With great interest she quickly found herself a seat next to the kids and started talking about their favourite books, what they were reading and if they like reading at all. It was with great excitement the kids told Mary all about their favourite cartoon figures and most beloved books. 

Followed by her visit at Odense library, the Crown Princess attended the opening of Danish Fashion Now at Brandts Museum also in Odense. Maybe you remember the name of the exhibition from one of my previous posts, here? What's a little more special about this exhibition is the fact that 10 of Mary's dresses are exhibited along with plenty of other Danish designer pieces, here. Then today, the Crown Princess got the chance herself to watch her own dresses on exhibited. She was given a guided tour around the exhibition, where she was told about all the different designers etc. 

I am really glad to see her wear some colours again. When spring arrive it is time for bright and light colours, especially pastel colours, which we often get to see her wear during summer time. Unfortunately, the weather in Denmark right now is nothing to celebrate. Really, it's rainy all the time. I think most Danish woman would do everything to wear floral dresses, sandals and sleeveless tops. We have to deal with rubber boots, rain coats and scarves. The weather is by no doubt the reason way Mary wore what she did at the opening -long sleeves and rather plain colours. I only say that because at this time a year she use to wear eye-catching clothes featuring bright colours and prints that I really miss right now. I still admire her having bare legs on a day like this. Today's outfit is one to take notice of if you like the work-wear-style. Personally, this is the style I like -a blouse, pencil skirt and a blazer. You can wear it both day and night with any kind of accessory. The silk blouse featuring a black hemline had been identified by Kate as JOSEPH. The black hemline give the blouse a feminine and classic touch. Such a blouse is perfect both to wear with a skirt and trousers; day and night. Kate is also the one who identified the new skirt as Whiite Copenhagen, a brand we have never seen Mary wear before. The luxurious black patent pumps is from Rupert Sanderson. Less is more. The reason why I mention this is because of the modern and simple look Mary was dressed in also when it comes to her choice in jewellery. She wore Marianne Dulong earrings and a ring featuring a large white pearl. So beautiful. 

Blouse: JOSEPH Matt Silk Bibby Blouse
Skirt: Whiite Copenhagen Blue Nights Kayla Skirt
Ring: Marianne Dulong
Shoes: Rupert Sanderson Winona in Navy Patent

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