Christening of "Princess Isabella"

Saturday, June 6th

Crown Princess Mary and Princess Isabella visited Samsø to named the new ferry Princess Isabella in Sælvig Harbour. Mother and daughter also visited Samsø Berries and Samsø Nature School. This is Princess Isabella's first official job. 1 2

The two royal ladies were welcomed to Samsø with all what it takes to have a royals visit. They arrived shortly after noon for Princess Isabella to name a new ferry by her own name Princess Isabella. And she did a great job and was, as her mother, relaxed and smily. On every photo to find the Crown Princess looks so happy and seems so proud of her daughter. Princess Isabella was handling the entire situation with her natural person and smily personality. Even though this was an official event, I think we saw the opposite of a normal official visit. Nothing was too formal. I'm sure mother and daughter had a great day together. The big moment of Isabella's first job which are remembered forever by the press' photos, picking strawberries together at a field and we got to see them both dress in waders, walking in waters to the middle of the body -what a sight!

Mary was well-dressed as usual. I'm so thrilled to see her wear colours again. Bright pastel colours that perfectly goes with spring and the great sunny weather at Samsø. With a magnificent mix of colours, Mary made me think that I need a white blazer. Always thought it looks great, but now I'm totally convinced. It's now added to my wish list. Mary's has been identified by Krap Ennazuz as Alexander McQueen. She wore this gorgeous new dusty pink blouse from Marni. The ID was made by Royals & Fashion. I instantly fell in love with the colour and shape. It goes so well with the white blazer and black trousers. As a mother you sometimes need a quick, easy and practical hairdo and the classic ponytail is what you need. It is easy to make and even a simple hairstyle like the ponytail, it can chance an outfit with perfection. Remember, sometimes it is all about the small details. When we are talking about details, I'll draw your attention to her accessories. Let's start with earrings and the two rings on her finger because all three are designed by Marianne Dulong. For third or fourth time she was wearing the Anni Lu bracelet found by Diana. It is by a coincidence I found a similar model in a magazine from a Danish shoe designer Yvonne Koné and I'm so sure it's the same as Mary wore. She also flashed a brand new dusty pink cardigan which has been identified as Wuth Cashmere. I can't wait to try a similar outfit myself.

By no doubt Isabella are going to embrace her mothers amazing style. She was even dressed in her own little pastel blue blazer matching her mom's. With a Norlie ruffle blouse and dark trousers which might be from the same designer, she was just so cute. I think some of you might find it as interesting to find Isabella's clothes as Mary's and actually more of Isabella's outfit has been identified then her mother's, with the help from a great reader, Krap Ennazuz we now know that her blue blazer is from Zara Kids and ballet flats from Petit by Sofie Schnoor. If it's possible for you to find a photo of the Princess' braided hair then I think you should take a close look. Mary's hairdresser might have used his magic to create this wonder and finishing it up with a blue flower.

Crown Princess Mary
Blazer: Alexander McQueen Ivory Blazer
Blouse: Marni Nayv Blue Sleeveless Top
Cardigan: Wuth Cashmere Classic Powder Pink
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Aqua
Rings: Marianne Dulong Cabochon
Bracelet: Anni Lu Fun Bracelet Army
Shoes: Yvonne Koné Pumps

Princess Isabella
Blazer: Zara Kids Sportsjacket
Blouse: Norlie Grafic Dots Top
Trousers: Norlie Stretch Demin Jeans
Shoes: Petite by Sofie Schnoor Ballet Flats

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