The Royal Danish Music Conservatory's Children's Choirs Christmas concert

03 December 2022

Now and then, the Crown Prince Couple are accompanied by their children for official events. This is exactly what happened, when Crown Princess Mary attended the Royal Danish Music Conservatory's Children's Choirs Christmas Concert on December 3rd. She was accompanied by Prince Christian. 

The concert has become an annual event and Crown Princess Mary has attended this wonderful afternoon for many years. When the children were younger, the whole family joined her for the Christmas concert.

Crown Princess Mary is patron for the children's choir.

Prince Christian and his mother truly enjoyed the afternoon together with many of the well-known Christmas songs beautifully performed by the choir.

The concert took place at the Royal Music Conservatory's Concert Hall at Frederiksberg.

Kongehuset Billed Bladet Billed Bladet Billed Bladet Frederik et Mary Royal Portraits Gallery

Prince Christian joined his mother at the Christmas concert 

From the Christmas concert taking place at the music conservatory's concert hall at Frederiksberg

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