The opening of "H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary 1972 – 2022"

03 February

On January 31st, Crown Princess Mary opened her first birthday-exhibition celebrating her 50th birthday at Koldinghus in Kolding (here). I was there when the royal couple arrived. It was such a pleasure. A couple of days later, she was accompanied by her family, when she was about to open "H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary 1972 - 2022" at the The National History Museum at Frederiksborg Castle.

The exhibition tells the story about her life. Portraits, galla dresses, her wedding gown and personal objects are on exhibition. Everything that makes Mary to the Crown Princess we know are exhibited at Frederikborg.

A new portrait of the Crown Princess was also revealed by the crown Princess herself. The portrait is absolutely stunning. The man behind the portrait is the spanishborn artist Jesús Herrera Martínez. It was staged in her private workspace at Frederik VIII's Palace at Amalienborg. Princess Josephines helped her mother, when revealing the beautiful painting. 

The family were also given a tours around the exhibition. I guess it was a great pleasure for all of them. Some of her most "iconic" outfits were on display. Some of them are: hereherehereherehereherehereherehere.

Kongehuset ● UFO No More ● Getty Images ● PPE Agency ● Billed Bladet ● Billed Bladet ● Billed Bladet ● Billed Bladet 

I am stunned like never before. What a look. Look at those details! Impressive work. The curved edges, the full skirt and long sleeves. I cannot wait to see her wear this in the future. She wears the colour with such pride and elegance. It looks great on her, don't you think? It was designed by YDE Copenhagen and tailored by Birgit Hallstein.

The magnificent earrings and outstanding golden leaf brooch are created by talented Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. The pieces are from my favourite collections of theirs. They are truly masters of this craftsmanship - working with metals and stones. She has worn both earrings and brooch before. I must say that the brooch looks perfect with her new dress. We get a glimpse of her Cartier bracelets as well.

She also embraced the style by wearing a navy blue leather clutch from Quidam and the exclusive python pumps are by Prada. I have never been able to find the same model, but a golden Prada logo proves that they are in fact the designer.


Suit ● YDE Copenhagen, here and Birgit Hallstein, here

Earrings ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Brooch ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagenhere

Bracelet ● Cartier, here

Clutch ● Quidam, here

Shoes ● Prada

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