Exclusive birthday interview with EUROWOMAN

27 January

Last, but not least Crown Princess Mary gave an exclusive interview in the Danish magazine EUROWOMAN. It was released on January 27 (hereherehere). New photos were taken at Frederik VIII's Palace at Amalienborg for the interview. The photographer is Sarah Stenfeldt. The Crown Princess talked to EUROWOMAN about, among others, her role as Crown Princes, how to be the voice for those who need it and her love for nature.

More new outfits! What a treat. We are truly being spoiled these days. Thanks for her Turing 50 this year. This is exactly what we need right now. In the photos for EUROWOMAN, Mary dazzled in a brand new gorgeous white blouse from Mark Kenly Domino Tan and a black midi skirt from the same designer. I learned about these to identifications from Heaven. She embraced the style with ruby red jewellery inherited from Queen Ingrid - Crown Prince Frederik's grandmother. The heeled boots are by Aquazzura and her beloved Cartier bangle.

A black and white photo was also included in the series of photos. She could be wearing a reused blue or burgundy blouse by Jesper Høvring and grey trousers. The grey suede belt is from Ralph Lauren.


1| Blouse ● Mark Kenly Domino Tan, here

1| Skirt  ● Mark Kenly Domino Tan, here

1| Earrings ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

1| Brooch ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

1| Bracelet ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

1| Bracelet ● Cartier, here

1| Shoes ● Aquazzura, here

2| Belt ● Ralph Lauren


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