Danmarks Indsamling 2022

29 January

Since 2007, "Danmarks Indsamling" has been an annual event with the aim of raising money to help people in some of the world's poorest countries and hereby achieve the UN's Development Goals (here). "Danmarks Indsamling" is a joint collaboration between 12 of the largest humanitarian organizations in Denmark and Danmarks Radio - a Danish television channel. They raise money to developing countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

For many years, the Royal Couple and the Crown Prince Couple have supported the gatering. This year, the Queen Margrethe's and Prince Henrik's Foundation have donated 500,000 Danish Kroner and the Crown Prince Frederik's and Crown Princess Mary's Foundation donated 300,000 Danish Kroner. Total 800,000 Danish Kroner.

All the money gathered at "Danmarks Indsamling 2022" will this year help children living with consequences of the pandemic in some of the world's poorest countries. The help will include development projects to ensure that children have access to clean drinking water, make sure they receive an education and have access to medial care.

An interview with the Crown Princess was broadcasted as part of the show. The interview was taped, when she was on a more private visit to Burkina Faso a few months ago.

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