Exclusive birthday interview with The Australian Women's Weekly

31 January

Photographer Franne Voigt captured some new photos of the Crown Princess for a new book, which will be published on January 31st. It is called "H.K.H. Mary". One of the photos from the book is now on the cover of the latest edition of The Australian Women's Weekly". Franne Voigt is the photographer (here). The interview also included photos by Jester Sunesen, Steen Evald, Tine Harden and some of the family's private photos (here).

Mary wore so many beautiful in the latest edition of The Australian Women's Weekly. Most of the photos and outfits are brand new for us. Like the one on the cover. I made identifications of each outfit in chronological order from this post here. Hopefully, it is clear who, what, where and when. Photos like these really inspire me. Especially, her more private looks are a great inspiration for me. They are often easy to wear and easy to copy. Any of the new outfits you want to try out yourself? Or many a pieces of jewellery you would like to add to your wardrobe?


1| Cover dress ● Lasse Spangenberg Copenhagen

1| Earrings ● Bruun Rasmussen Auction, here

2| Jacket ● ZARA, here

2| Shoes ● L.K. Bennett, here

3+10| Dress ● Prada, here

3+10| Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry

4| Shoes ● By Malene Birger, here

6| ● Wedding gown ● Birgit Hallstein x Uffe Frank

6| Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry

6| Shoes ● Joseph Azagury

7| Gown ● Birgit Hallstein

7| Jewellery ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

7| Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry

8| Dress ● Hennes & Mauritz, here

8| Belt ● Max Mara, here

8| Shoes ● Anonymous Copenhagen, here

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