Your all time favourite outfit?

I now you all like a little trip down back memory lane. I also know that you love it, when I do some fashion-reviews. That is why I thought you might like this idea - and I need your help.

I need you to find your all time favourite outfits of Crown Princess Mary. Pick 2, 3 or 4 outfits and share them with me. Then I will make a fashion-review with everything I know about what she is wearing.

Your favourite outfits can be from any event and any year you like. It is totally up to you. Favourite outfits are not limited from a specific date. Right? 

I hope you will join me for this little challenge. Maybe learn something new, challenge my knowledge and be inspired by the ultimate Queen of perfect outfits: Crown Princess Mary.


  1. I am having a hard time with this one as I love so many of CP Mary's outfits. For formal attire I love her look from the gala concert before the wedding--the gorgeous red gown, the rubies, and her hair long and flowing; also the stunning dark blue gown from the New Year's banquet in 2016; the beautiful pink tulle skirt with the brown velvet jacket from the 2015 New Year's banquet. Sorry I could not upload photos!

    1. I know it is a difficult challenge :D I would not be able to pick out only 2-4 outfits of hers because she has indeed worn many amazing outfits! But thanks for sharing your most beloved looks. I will return with my post very soon.

  2. Je préfère écrire en français car je ne maitrise pas assez l'anglais. Merci de me pardonner.
    Vous posez une question d'une difficulté incroyable ! Notre princesse héritière est une reine de l'élégance!
    voilà quelques tenues que j'aie (mais la liste est loin d'être exhaustive):
    08/2018: allure sublime en rouge de la princesse Mary lors de la visite des Macron
    2021 La robe blanche du voyage en Lituanie
    2016, 2017, 2019 : les rentrées parlementaire à Copenhague
    2021: Jour du drapeau
    En fait il faudrait soumettre par thème les votes « toutes les ouvertures du parlement », « toutes les tenues du Jour du drapeau »!
    22 octobre 2019: tenue du dîner en l'honneur de l'accession au trône de l'empereur Naruhito
    avril 2013 : robe de gala pour la soirée de la veille du couronnement du roi Willem Alexander
    La robe du portrait officiel de la princesse Mary et du prince héritier Frederik de Danemark en tenue de gala diffusé le 31 janvier 2022, en prélude aux 50 ans de la princesse Mary
    Bravo pour votre beau site que je visite très régulièrement.

    1. ... and my French is non-existent so I stick to english :) I know it is a hard challenge, but you happen to have found some of my favourite outfits. Cannot wait to do my post!

  3. The navy velvet Prada evening gown with short sleeves in her early years as crownprincess is my all time favourite dress. I also like very much her classic business outfits by Hugo Boss, the beige "Ahana" dress made by Beulah London and the the flower print white blue pleated midi skirt from Paul & Joe.

    1. Those are some AMAZING outfits! Thanks for sharing. Soon, I will return with a post and then we will see how I do with my part of the challenge ;)