New official photos of the Crown Prince Couple

31 January

Crown Princess Mary celebrate her 50th birthday on February 5th - on Saturday. On that occasion we have already seen multiple new photos of her. We have been spoiled with a brand new book and several exclusive interviews.

I am already satisfied, but we are spoiled one more time. Photographer Hasse Nielsen had the pleasure of taking new official gala portraits of the Crown Prince Couple. All on occasion of Crown Princess Mary's 50th birthday. The photo series includes both photos of the couple and the two of them separately. They are gorgeous, don't you think?

Even though we have already seen her in this stunning Lasse Spangenberg Copenhagen creation, I am overwhelmed one more time. The details are exquisite and very well-chosen. Every single bead is cared for. The new gala portraits also revealed that the babyblue gown is sprinkled with rosy pearls. It gives the dress a magnificent glow. Yes, I really like it!

Both tiara, earrings, brooch and bracelet are part of Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure. The matching ring is later added to the parure by Mary. It was mastered by Dulong Fine Jewelry's talented goldsmith's. She also wore the elephant order, a diamond bracelet (it looks new) and some diamond rings. One of them are from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Another one is her engagement ring.


Gown ● Lasse Spangenberg Copenhagen, here

Tiara ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

Earrings ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

Brooch ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

Bracelet ● Queen Ingrid's Ruby Parure

Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

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