Visiting Sorglinjen

29 May

On Wednesday, Crown Princess Mary visited Sorglinjen. They advise people who have lost a related beloved family member. Around a hundred volunteers pick up calls every day to help people who  need someone to talk to about feelings, grief, ways to deal with their loss.

Sorglinjen is a project part of the organization Children, Youth & Grief and is by initiative of The National Grief Center. Crown Princess Mary visited Sorglinjen as patron of Children, Youth & Grief.

She was warmly welcomed at the arrival. The Crown Princess met some of the volunteers who told her about some experiences of theirs and how they use their own loss to help others. The Crown Princess even picked up a few calls herself. With great humility the she listened to everything she was told. Many years ago she lost her own mother. On several occasions she has talked about how it sometimes made her feel lonely. The family also recently lost a dear and beloved family member - Prince Henrik. Hopefully, they all have someone to talk to about the loss but that is not the case for everybody. Luckily we have people as those at Sorglinjen who take time to listen.

During the visit at Sorglinjen, Mary had chosen to wear a color combination of blue and black. You never go wrong with that combo. At the arrival she wore one of her old bright blue coats from Prada. She has a similar style coat (and designer) in creamy white as well. The blue one hasn't been worn that much. Only three time - four when including May 29th. First time it was worn, was in 2012 when the family attended a ballet in Tivoli, here. Then again a year later, here. Actually Mary wore the coat twice in 2013, here. Since then I don't think we have seen it.

The printed Proenza Shoulders blouse is also a reused piece. It goes back to 2017. Mary has worn it on several occasions. Last, when visiting Sorglinjen. She matched the blue blouse with black fitted trousers. The pumps with the chunky heels are from Jimmy Choo. I also catched a glimpse of her old nude Prada handbag. Getting to identify the jewellery was a bit more difficult. Looks like reused diamond earrings and a few rings that could be from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here. The two bracelets are from Dulong Fine Jewelry. All reuse.

Coat  Prada
Blouse  Proenza Schouler, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bag  Prada, here
Shoes  Jimmy Choo, here

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