Briefing about the heart

20 June

On Thursday, Crown Princess Mary payed a visit to the Heart Association's head office in Copenhagen. For many years the Crown Princess has been patron for the Heart Association and on June 20th, she was given a briefing about what developments there have been on the area. The Heart Association and the Children's Heart Association also talked with her about their current work.

The royal house also mentions that Crown Princess Mary was introduced to a project called 'Noget på hjertet' (in English it'll be translated to something like 'Something on my mind'). It is a book that gives children and families tools on how to use words to talk about challenges. Other projects were also introduced to her, as for instance emergency preparedness.

Visiting the Heart Associations head office in Copenhagen, Mary was beautifully dressed in a very old printed Prada skirt. I have not thought about this skirt for years, but that's what makes her style so unique. Even though the skirt goes back to 2004, she made it look super classy and modern. Mary styled her old pieces with what I believe is a brand new white shirt. I can't tell for sure if we have seen it before, or if it is actually new. She has so many white shirts similar to this, but I can't seem to find this one anywhere in my archive. Let me know if I am wrong.

Unfortunately, we did not get to see what shoes she had chosen. My guess would be something like light colored pumps. Maybe blue to match the rest of her outfit? The jewellery did. She wore a pair of golden earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry featuring diamonds. They also created the colorful bracelets, the stunning diamond ring and one of the two golden bracelets. The other one, the bangle, is her amazing bracelet from Cartier. The story goes that it was given to her by Crown Prince Frederik as a wedding anniversary gift. I kinda like the thought. Her stunning emerald beads necklace is from Nadia Shelbaya.

Skirt ● Prada
Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Necklace ● Nadia Shelbaya, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet  Cartier, here
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

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