The Royal Ascot 2016

Wednesday, June 15th

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Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the second day of the Royal Ascot, hereat Ascot Racecourse in London, England, which wasn't officially announced. 

It cam as a huge surprise to all of us, when the Danish Crown Prince couple suddenly appeared in a carriage at the annual Royal Ascot event at Ascot Racecourse in London. Nothing had been announced in advance and the fact that it is the first time they attend a horse race. In total, four carriages arrived one by one for us to see some of the world's most prominent royals. The first one arrived with, among others, the Queen of the United Kingdom and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh. They were followed by Prince Charles of Wales and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall. The Crown Prince couple then arrived in the third carriage accompanied by Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, and Sofie Countess of Wessex. Last but not least, arrived the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the forth carriage. I have he feeling the couple really enjoyed themselves at the race in London. The Crown Princess was constantly launching and having a good time, while with her husband mingled with the rest of the British royal family. Not every day we get to see the Danish and English members interact with each other. It is differently a rare sight we just experienced. After all, it is a horse race and it actually looks like the crown Princess had the winning ticket, here. Much has already been written about the couples day in London, so this is all you get from me. I have found some I think you will like.

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The Royal Ascot is differently more than betting for the right horse. It is also about finding the right outfit to wear and Mary did a fantastic job with the reused red Marc By Marc Jacob dress. A gorgeous dress, featuring the most incredible details like cap sleeves and pleated fabric. I am so please to see her in this dress again. It makes the very best of her slim figure. Think it is the third time she is wearing it. I noticed that Mary had chosen a dress lightly shorter than everybody else. Well, she is a first timer. Like with the dress, she wore some really interesting pieces of accessories - as the headpiece created by milliner Jane Taylor. Sure you all remember it from the wedding in Monaco, here, and from Princess Estelle's christening in 2012, here. Keeping the dress center of attention, everything else are quickly forgotten for most other bloggers but not for me. Mary embraced the style at the Royal Ascot wearing brand new Gianvito Rossi pumps. You have seen them, right? Think they do great with her dress and for the occasions. I am not sure I would have fallen in love with her pumps, if she had not worn them. As model, I am not quite a fan. Heaven and Kate are the ones who were able to identify her new Gianvito Rossi pumps. Matching both shoes and hairpiece, she wore the amazing beige clutch from Naledi Copenhagen, here. As jewellery she wore a new Cartier bracelet (their Love Bracelet, maybe a gift from her husband on their 12th anniversary?), a golden one from Ole Lynggaard copenhagen and a large Dulong Fine Jewelry ring. My guess is that her earrings from from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen as well, but I can not tell for sure. Hopefully, it is not going to be the last time for them to attend the Royal Ascot

Hat: Jane Taylor
Dress: Marc By Marc Jacob Red Vintage Dress
Bracelet: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bracelet
Pendant: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Dew Drops Charm
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Rings: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Allana Latte Beige Ostrich Clutch
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Leather and Fishnet Pumps

Possible identifications
Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

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