Home Guard Land Exercise 2016

Crown Princess Mary attended the Home Guard Land Exercise 2016, here, in the area around Fredericia on June 4th and 5th. During the attendance, the Crown Princess and the Queen, who was present at the Home Guard Parade taking place on June 5th as a proper ending on the exercise, are staying at the royal yacht during the exercise.  

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June 4th: Crown Princess Mary attending the Home Guard Land Exercise 2016

These days I try to spend as much time as possible outdoors. The weather is amazing in Denmark right now. As much as I tend to enjoy the weather, the Crown Princess seems to enjoy her time in Frederica. She attended the land exercise with approximately 5,400 other voluntary members of the Home Guard. Proper dressed for the exercise, she participated in various training activities with different unions both the Army Home Guard, the Business Home Guard, the Air Force Home Guard and the Marine Home Guard. During a warm day in Fredericia the Crown Princess was introduced to new technology that will help the Home Guard in the future to improve their work in the field across Denmark. All of it clearly impressed the Crown Princess, who knows all about what it takes to be a Home Guard member because since 2008 she has been ordinary member and about a year ago she was promoted lieutenant. She's not just beautiful; she's also clever and hardworking. Meanwhile the Crown Princess stayed in Fredericia along with her mother-in-law, her husband attended Princess Marie's 40th birthday party in Klampenborg, here.

June 5th: Crown Princess Mary attending the Home Guard Parade along with the Queen

With saber and a bunch of polished medals on the left side of her chest, the Crown Princess proudly participated the parade in Fredericia along with approximately 5,400 other Home Guard members. The parade is reason why Queen Margrethe attended the event. She was suppose to inspect the parade, which her daughter-in-law participated. The parade was part of a final event to celebrate a couple of great days with the Danish Home Guard. Later it was followed by a reception taking place at Dannebrog.

Usually the Crown Princess is dressed in some fancy designer dress, when standing next to her mother-in-law, but not this time. She was traditionally dressed in an army green camouflage unitform as lieutenant

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