The Reumert Award 2016

Sunday, June 12th 

Crown Princess Mary attended the Reumert Award 2016, herewhich was live broadcasted from the Opera House in Copenhagen.

The Reumert Award show is something I really look forward to every single year. I have watched the show now for quite many years and I truly enjoy it. I would so much like to watch more live performances, plays in the theatre etc. but unfortunately am I far away from this cultural world. So for me to follow singers, actors and artists this one evening a year is just great. You get a perfect sense of what is going on, on stages across the country whatever you like classical music or innovative children's theatre. Prominent guests were all invited to watch the show, which was broadcasted live on Sunday evening, taken place in the Opera House in Copenhagen - right across where the Crown Prince Couple lives. This is only important to know because another prominent woman, who attended the show, was the Crown Princess herself. She arrived in a really great mood as the last person right before the show was about to begin. Along with all the perfect dressed guests the Crown Princess enjoyed the evening, honoring some of Denmark's most talented artists. This year 22 statuettes (designed by artist John Kørner) were handed over. It was actor Rasmus Btoft, actress Bodil Jørgensen and Danish comedian Nikolaj Stockholm, who made sure both audience and TV viewers had a great evening. Usually, we get a glimpse or two of her during the show, but not this time. She was also on her own and not accompanied by her husband, who usually attends with her.

Despite it is the performing arts show of the year, we only have seen very few pictures of Mary. Sadly, but I will not hide how surprised and maybe also shocked I am of what she wore on Sunday in the Opera House. She was more appropriately dressed than many others. Kate managed to find it at Prada. A designer I have had in mind all along. The color-combo is very special. I do not that if that is in a good or bad way. Or maybe it's the embellishment on her upper body that bothers me? One good thing about this new dress, is the length. I can't imagine how it would have looked if it was a floor length dress. Am I the only who think this dress is not the most beautiful creation she has worn lately?

 As much as she did not convince me with her choice of dress, I'm totally in love with her accessories. Drop-shaped Dulong Fine Jewelry earrings, a matching diamond bracelet and her golden leather pumps from Manolo Blahnik. Perfect for an evening like this. Such as with the snake skin clutch from Judith Leiber. Looks good on her, when she walked down the red carpet arriving to the Opera House. I'm also very much adore her hairstyle. Curly hair is always a favourite of mine. Quite simple and at the same time so elegant. Over all, she looks really pretty. I can't wait to hear what you have to say about this outfit. Is the dress the most beautiful you have ever seen or...?

Dress: Prada
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Kharisma Earrings, Big w. Diamonds
Clutch: Judith Leiber
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik Bb Metallic Leather Pumps

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