Day 3: New Year Reception at Christiansborg Palace

January, 7th
Photo @Agnés Colbert
To attend the last new year reception for the Officers from Defense and Emergency Management at Christiansborg Palace Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik arrived as a tradition in the golden coach. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary did also participate in the dinner.

The last new year reception this year ended, in my opinion, like an explosion when we talk about clothes! I was sure it was not going to be any better but it did. We leave this for a minute or so and I will assure you we will return talking about her absolutely stunning outfit at todays dinner outfit. It has become a tradition for the Queen and Prince to go for a ride through Copenhagen from Amalienborg Castle to Christiansborg Palace in a golden coach followed by the  Gardehusarregimentet on their white horses all dressed in a perfect uniform. I have never experienced it myself but I know many Danes love to follow the coach to get a glimpse of the royals. A beautiful and historic sight. I wonder whether or not I should write a post about the gold coach? It would be relevant and I think you could use a little royal history again. Arriving as the last ones, Margrethe and Henrik greets the guards well-dressed in their red and blue uniform wearing the characteristic hat made of black bearskin. You know it's all about traditions and that's what it is -the Queen greets the guards and do an inspection. Both Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik and Frederik and Mary were all in an excellent mood at today's new year reception. Once again the royals greeted all the attendance before the dinner really started. By the way this is the last of three new year receptions.

To keep warn during the coach ride, the Queen was dressed in a long brown fur coat and warn boots. Not something we use to see Margrethe in but it's january and riding an old coach might not be a warm experience. It is also known that Margrethe has some health issues these days which is the reason for her to wear a little more practical clothes and no high heeled shoes. What I love about her is the fact that she actually attend the dinner and not just stay home despite her health issues. Nothing more could be expected of a Queen in her age. Another tradition this time a year is of course that the Crown Prince couple attends the dinners. I was simply blown away by Mary's third-day-dinner-outfit!  As the last two dinners, she was dressed in reused clothes. First we had the burgundy Birgit Hallstein velvet gown, than a midnight blue Henrik Hviid creation and today a reused floor length skirt worn the first time back in November 13th 2008 at Prince Charles' 60th birthday and with the help from  Tesouras & Tiaras’ Facebook member, Angela, I'm also able to share a link with you from 2008. These pictures aren't easy to find. Maybe you'd recognized it? At the time she wore it with a beautiful lace blouse and 20s hairstyle. At today's dinner I think we saw a very elegant, mature and sophisticated version of this specific skirt. I have never been able to find out where it's from or who designed it. Do you know anything about it? She matched the stunning skirt featuring a few white stripes with her BOSS Hugo Boss peplum. Because of the black background we really got a chance to see the Elephant of Orders with the blue ribbon and the Order Star. Mary added white gloves, a pearl necklace and a pearl bracelet from Marianne Dulong to match the white stripes in the skirt. Even more sophisticated was the hairstyle! You see it on the last photo taken by wonderful Agnés. Thanks for sharing your photos with me. We also see she's caring one of her Naledi Copenhagen clutches and Prada pumps in black satin. Oh.. and did you noticed the red nail polish. My favourite colour of them all. Once again I wish you all a happy new year!

Blouse: BOSS Hugo Boss Ipeplana Peplum Top
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Ostric Black Clutch
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Catena Bracelet DKK 30,800

Photo @Agnés Colbert

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