Day 3: Visit to Myanmar

January, 12th

From January 10-12th Crown Princess Mary is visiting Myanmar. She is accompanied by Minister of Development Rasmus Helvig Petersen. The visit focuses on women and girls' rights in the third world which Crown Princess Mary has been very committed to focus on with her work as Crown Princess of Denmark.

On her last day in Myanmar is was clear why it means so much to Mary to make a difference. The day before, she arrived to Sittwe and was confronted with what is the reality for thousands of people in Myanmar. A reality that is far from anything you can experience in Denmark. When Mary on January 12th visited the camp Say Tha Mar Gyi in Sittwe, she got the chance to meet some of the Muslims who have been displaced from their homes and now are forced to live in temporary camps  like the one Mary visited. In the state of Rakhine more than 115,000 people faces this situation. During her visit in camp Say Tha Mar Gyi she was warmly welcomed by Danish Refugee Aid (Dansk Flygtningehjælp) and some of the refugees who are staying in the camp. Many had come to greet the Crown Princess, with a smile she took the time to talk to as many as possible, hear their stories and give them a little comfort. For many it was a great experience to meet Mary, who had plenty of time to listen. Because of Mary's tranquil nature, no one had difficulties telling their otherwise difficult stories. Among others she met a 15-year old boy who had lots his mother and was terrible sad when he told Mary about it. He could not hold his tears back talking with her and Mary did everything she could to show her support and comfort. It was a clearly affected Crown Princess that visited the camp in Sittwe on her last day in Myanmar. After visiting camp Say Tha Mar Gyi, she visited another camp called Sat Roe Kya where displaced Buddhists are now forced to live. Here she got the opportunity to see how a scholarship can benefit and how much it can contribute to help families. She was surrounded by children all the time who did everything to get her attention among others when she handed over games and other toys in a kindergarten in the camp. The children immediately played with the games and enjoyed the time with their new toys and Crown Princess.

She wore black shades to protect her eyes from the strong sun as the long sleeved blue shirt and the beige trousers. A casual dressed Mary in new New Balance sneakers and messy hair.

Shirt: Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt?
Sneakers: New Balance WR996CB Sneakers Beige-Gold
Bracelet: Ivory Bogota Palm Seed Bracelet in Brown DKK 299,95

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