A New Headqurater for Royal Copenhagen

January, 15th
Photo @Agnés Colbert

Crown Princess Mary attended the inauguration of Royal Copenhagen's new headquarter in Glostrup, Copenhagen. At the visit Crown Princess Mary also presented the H. H. Bruun Grant. 

Royal Copenhagen
The story of Royal Copenhagen goes all the way back to 1780 where they opened their first store in Copenhagen. The company is world famous for their hand painted porcelain which features all sorts of flowers and plants. Now they have stores and flagship stores all over the world from Denmark to Japan. Royal Copenhagen was acquired by Fiskars in 2013. Read more about Royal Copenhagen here. 

Today was her first public appearance since she returned from Myanmar on January 12th after a three days visit where she was accompanied by Minister of Development Rasmus Helvig Petersen. The visit to Myanmar was planned to focus on girls and women's right to health and reproductive rights in developing countries as Myanmar. Now she is back in Denmark again and ready to attend some of her "usual" duties such as her day in Glostrup. Along with more than 200 visitors Mary attended, as the guest of honor, the grand opening of Royal Copenhagen's new offices and competence center outside Copenhagen in Glostrup. Shortly after she arrived, she was given a guided tour around in the new facilities to see for herself the casting shop, the design studio and of course the painting studio. Royal Copenhagen is world famous for their hand painted porcelain especially the Flora Danica dinnerware. Take you change and read more here about the world-famous porcelain with the incredible flowers paintings! You can choose between more than 3,000 different motives and get whatever you wish on your tea cup or dinner plates. What I know of Frederik and Mary were given a complete Flora Danica dinnerware at their wedding in 2004 featuring their official initials. The couple does also own Royal Copenhagen's Blue Fluted Mega with the characteristic blue flowers designed in 2000 by Karen Kjældgård-Larsen. In 2007 photographer Steen Brogaard took this photo of the Crown Prince couple a breakfast, in addition to an interview in the newspaper Berlingske Tidende, where you see the Blue Fluted Mega dinnerware on the table. This is by the way one of my favourite photo series every published of the couple. I think Prince Christian and lille Princess Isabella are so cute. We also get a sneak peak what's going on behind closed doors, which we did way more in the old days than we do know. About that time when these photos were taken we also had the documentary Kongehuset Indefra. Now we rarely get new official photos of them. Maybe we will in the future. Back to the opening. Mary was truly impressed by the craftsmanship that was going on in the painting studio.

During her visit, Mary also presented the H.H. Bruun Grant which was given to three artists, each of whom who have had and unforgettable impact on Royal Copenhagen. These three artists are Allan Otte, Louise Campbell (who created the Elements dinnerware) and Cathrine Raben Davidsen. All three were given DKK 125,000 and a handwritten document by Akira Oishi, artistic painter of Royal Copenhagen. 

Photo @Agnés Colbert

Surprised was the first word that crossed my mind when I saw some of the first published pictures from her day in Glostrup, attending the opening of Royal Copenhagen's new headquarter and of course handing over the H.H. Bruun Grant to the three skilled artists. I think it was the colour combo that surprised me the most, after all I actually like this match. Still, it's a little odd combination of colours. I think we need to begin with the new lace blouse. First of all I'm not even sure what that colour is called -purple, beige, pink? I'm not sure if we have seen it before, somehow I believe we have. But I do not recall when. Maybe she has a similar one. I kinda like that's going on around the neck; a high collar and some significant pleat-work. This you especially notice at the first photo where you all see the beautiful grey coat she wore at the arrival. That I simply love! Her coat perfectly matched her new suede grey pumps which has been identified as Rupert Sanderson by Kate and the expensive but stunning Quidam clutch. I have been looking for quite some time to identify this clutch but it was my dear friend Pernille who will have the honor of finding this one. The clutch is not new, it was seen the day she attended a Christmas service with Frederik in December. You'll have a better look at the clutch as well as her Shamballa Jewels bracelet on the photo below taken by Agnés Colbert.  Marianne Dulong is the designer of her Rose Quartz earrings which also have been worn before. They were a perfect match to the lace blouse and bracelet of course. I'm pretty sure these are the earrings worn on the day Frederik and Mary presented their twins to the rest of the world. A beautiful craftsmanship! Now we only have the dark blue pencil skirt left. Believe it or not, this skirt is so old, worn for the first time around 2006 on a visit in St. Petersburg. It's actually a part of a suit. After all I think her outfit work very well with the different materials and colours. 

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Clutch: Quidam Grey Calfskin Clutch
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Delphis
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels  Royal Bracelet w. Argyle Pink Diamond Pavé
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Shoes: Rupert Sanderson Green Closed-toe Slip-ons

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