Danmarks Indsamling 2014: When a Mother is Missing

February, 1st

Every year Danmarks Radio (DR) make a fundraising to support some of the most poor countries in the world. The raised money goes to all kind of projects who all try to give people a better life outside the borders of Denmark. Each year the money are donated to different projects and this year the money from the fundraising were donated to help children who have to live without their mothers.  Which is why the show was given the name When a Mother is Missing. Many children in the developing world are forced to live in extreme poverty in very poor conditions. Many of these children also need to live without their mothers which can have fatal consequences for them as many of them still are too small to live without their mother. Regardless of age we will always need our mother. It is a huge loss for these children, who sometimes have no parents left. They are on their own and way too small to take care of themselves. No one is there to care for them. Worldwide we have many organizations who work to give these children a better life, give them a home and a family. Of course it's not the easiest thing in the world to replace a child's mother or father. Still it's important to give them a safer childhood with the opportunity to feel loved. In situations like this Frederik and Mary always show their support. Through Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's Foundation they donated DKK 150,000. In total DKK 87,414,404 million (!) were raised to support When a Mother is Missing. That is truly amazing! Well done Denmark. I know your support is important and will be appreciated.

Journalist Anne Bendix Schrøder and photographer Peter Thorsøe from STV Productions followed Mary to Myanmar on her three day visit from January 10-12th, to make a special interview with the Crown Princess. In the two minutes interview Mary point out how important this is to her and why a mothers life is so essential for a child to survive.


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