Birkerød Gymnasium Model United Nations Conference 2014

February, 19th
Photo @Agnés Colbert
Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of Birkerød Gymnasium Model United Nations Conference 2014 (BIGMUN) at Birkerød Gymnasium.

Birkerød Gymnasium Model United Nations Conference 2014 / BIGMUN
350 high school students get the opportunity to discuss and negotiate as UN delegates at the simulated UN summit. The students represent different countries and that countries point of view in different debates. There are students from countries including the United States, Turkey, the Netherlands and Denmark. Topics such as the use of the death penalty and women's rights will be discussed at the conference. Crown Princess Mary is one of the keynote speakers. Read more here.

After a few days with Frederik and the children skiing in Verbiér, Mary is back to work. On her first day she attended the opening ceremony of Birkerød Gymnasium Model United Nations Conference 2014 or shortened to BIGMUN, at Birkerød Gymnasium. At the arrival she was warmly greeted and given a pretty bouquet of flowers by one of the students. With her beautiful smile and charismatic personality she took time to meet some of the students participating. The BIGMUN conference gives 350 high school students get the opportunity to discuss and negotiate as UN delegates at the simulated UN summit. What was discussed during the conference at Birkerød Gymnasium was important topics as women's rights, something Mary has been very committed to fight for both as her work with the Mary Foundation and as patron of national and international organizations. As the keynote speaker of the opening ceremony, Mary gave a remarkable speech which I'm sure encouraged the students to do their best in the debate. The 350 students are from several different countries from all around the world. They represented each their own country and that countries point of view in the different debates. All these different opinions quickly created a debate among the many students participating which I think enjoyed a day as UN delegates.

"I strongly believe that Gender Equality is the single most important thing that can be done to improve the world. Gender equality is a human right and the foundation for building vibrant, health and prosperous societies and economies."
"I want a world, where all woman and men, adult and young have equal opportunities, freedoms and choices to forge their own life aspirations and destinies." 
"I look very much forward to hearing the outcomes you agree upon. Maybe they will come to serve as inspiration for me in my work." - Crown Princess Mary

Above you see three quotes from Mary's speech, three quotes I think are so strong. She managed to point out the importance of why we do this: to help. By giving these high school students the opportunity to discuss international issues, we commit them to fight for a better world from an early age. These are more likely to be involved in the debate when they get older. Hopefully, there was shared opinions during the conference that can help to save lives and make people's lives better in the future. A truly impressed Mary left the conference about an hour later. Maybe she actually found some inspiration by listening to the students?

Photos @Agnés Colbert

Sometimes you need to tell your first impression, so that's what I'm going to do now. That dress with these boots is differently not a good match. They look too "heavy" with that rather thin dress, which by the way is new. I like the idea using black as a kind of basic matched with a printed dress. I hope the only reason why she wore these black Prada boots, was because of the weather. February is always a cold month in Denmark and this is too. What do you think? Am I the only one who have a problem with the combo of dress and shoes? Enough about that. Amazing reader Angela first told me about Mary's new dress. She was able to identify it as Isabel Marant for H&M (collection 2013). I was so sure Heartmade was the designer because the pattern reminded me so much of Heartmade's other designs. Kinda Boheme, casual style. But I was wrong. All my gratitude of course goes to Angela!! She matched a black blazer as well as black sheer tights to her business outfits. This I haven't been able to find but maybe you know something about it? I'm pretty sure we have seen it before somewhere. I already mentioned her Prada boots which I really like not to be misunderstood because of my first statement. She wore them a couple of weeks ago with a shirt dress, I'm sure you remember that outfit with the white turtleneck. I have a pair of boots that look very similar to Mary's, a pair of boots I adore as much as hers. I think a pair of black pumps would have been way better this time. To match the tiny pattern on the dress, that might be hard to see but it is there, she wore earrings and a ring from Pomellato. The dusty blue colour looks beautiful next to her dark brown hair and fair skin. I can't take the credit of identifying her jewellery but I am proud to share it with you! Last but not least she accessorized her looks with the Bottega Veneta handbag. I can’t count the times she has been seen with this back for the last 10 years. That's why I love her style, she manage to wear clothes, shoes and other accessories new ways despite it's not new purchase or the latest trend. A black quality bag will do for many years whatever your style is and will develop. So my last question would be; hot or not? Is this an outfit you hope to see again or...?

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Dress: Isabel Marant for H&M Printed Silk Dress
Earrings: Pomellato Veleno Gemstone Drop Earrings
Ring: Pomellato Luna 18k Rose Gold Chalcedony Ring DKK 24,180
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels  Royal Bracelet w. Argyle Pink Diamond Pavé
Bag: Bottega Venteta Large Campana Hobo DKK 18,700 
Boots: Prada Black Boots £440

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