On Skiing Holiday in Verbiér

Feruary, 14th

Each year Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary spend some time skiing in Verbiér, this year with all four children. They all participated in the annual photo session, having fun in the snow. The family spend a few days in Verbiér which has become a tradition for them since Frederik and Mary started as a couple. Today they enjoy the time together with your four wonderful children who seems to enjoy it as much as their parents. I will exclusively let photos speak for themselves today. Less writing for me, more fun for you. So enjoy the adorable pictures and have a great time till we meet again!


Hat: Birger Chistensen Bee Cee DKK 2,000
Sunglasses: Chanel Pearl Shades 515H £314
Trousers: The North Face
Boots: La Crosse

Jacket: SOS
Gloves: Scott

Jacket: Peak Performance 
Trousers: Peak Performance

Shades: Scott
Jacket: The North Face 
Trousers: Peak Performance

Hat: Moncler Grey Wool Cable Knit Hat £60.00
Suit: 66North Kids Magni Overall Blue
Shades: Alpina Ethno Skii Glasses DKK 500

Suit: 66North Kids Magni Overall Red 
Shades: Alpina

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