The Family House in Høje Taastrup

February, 28th
Photo @Agnés Colbert
Crown Princess Mary visited The Family House (Familiens Hus) in Høje Taastrup accompanied by Minister for employment Mette Frederiksen. 

The Family House / Familiens Hus
The Family House / Familiens Hus is for young mothers under the age of 26 with babies and/or small children, who need a little extra help and support. They are offered lectures and events to help them get the best start for both parents and children. Social workers, midwives, health visitors, educational and vocational counselors and psychologists are all there to help. The Family House is a collaboration between Mødrehjælpen, Esbjerg and Høje Taastrup municipality. Read more here.

As patron of Mødrehjælpen, Mary was invited to visit The Family House in Høje Taastrup, to see for herself how this project works in practice. On a cold-, windy- and rainy February day, Mary arrived to Høje Taastrup accompanied by Minister for Employment Mette Frederiksen (the women wearing the blue down jacket). They have met at several occasions at similar events. Along with Mette Frederiksen, she walked the few meters before she was welcomed by a sweet little flower boy and girl. Shy, they both handed over each a bouquet of flowers which she with great pleasure received. Eye to eye with the two "flower kids" she had a little chat with them before she shook hands with the Chief Executive. They all seemed like it was a true pleasure to met one another. These visits I always think of as private because thought cameras follow each and every step Mary takes, she always seems to be a little more casual at such visits. I hope you understand what I mean. Maybe you can describe it better than me. Mary has been patron of Mødrehjælpen since 2007 and has closely been following her work since which I also why I believe it was a great honor for her to attend and see some of the amazing results for herself that was there the purpose of her visit. Mary also had the chance to meet some of the young mothers and their children staying at The Family House. After a guided tour around the house, she had a chat with some of the residents over a cop of coffee which Mary of course served herself. I think they all had a wonderful day. 

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Photo Agnés Colbert
Photo @Agnés Colbert
As I told you, the weather is not that good in Denmark right now. A little rainy and foggy with sun now and then. What we would call a typical spring weather in Denmark. A little of everything. This is my guess why Mary was dressed the way she was; warm and casual also because of the occasion. The pair of black suede ankle boots and trousers in the same colour are a great base, such as the black scarf to keep her neck warm. Black is always a winner and wearable at any occasion, day and night. It also makes her look a bit longer and more slim, actually a perfect trick if you are a rather small person as I am (159 cm). Non of these items do I have an ID on. Based on the shape, her ankle boots could be Prada but I have nothing to prove it, they just reminds me of another pair of brown ankle boots of hers which are from Prada. In a way I like how she matched that white lace blouse, which I by the way really think it beautiful, with her red Étoile Isabel Marant jacket. I would really like to be able to see the lace top but unfortunately we didn't. Any idea where it could be from? Or does the floral pattern remind you of a specific designer? I haven't found it yet nor does it remind me of anything. As far as what I know this is the first time we see her in it (hopefully not the last time). She accessorized her outfit with a few pieces of jewellery; earrings, bracelet -Shamballa Jewelsand four diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard. Worn a lot lately. To get back to the earrings for a moment, I think they are very interesting. Yes they are beautiful and yes she has worn them once or twice before but right now I'm more interested in where they are from or who designed them. They features a fleur de lis, a French lily, and some kind of pendant and a white pearl. Despite their site they are incredible beautiful decorated. I have a theory, but it's only a theory! They could be inherited from her mother-in-low, Queen Margrethe. These earrings could be the one Queen Margrethe wore on her official photo on her 18th birthday. But so far I have no proof. Maybe we will some day get this mystery solved. With windblown hair and a sweet smile on her face she looked fantastic!

Jacket: Étoile Isabel Marant Red Ariana Sweater Jacket €348
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet w. Argyle Pink Diamond Pavé

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