Roundtable meeting with ICDP+26

4th March

Crown Princess Mary is back at work. Not from behind her computer, but in person. That is something we have waited for in a very long time. To see her back at work is, finally, a good status quo. Denmark is slowly reopening again and the pandemic is slowly getting under control.

The roundtable meeting she was participating on Thursday was also all about making a status and a follow up on a previous summit - the Nairobi Summit in 2019. The meeting took place at Christiansborg. Several participants participated the meeting virtually, but the Crown Princess was there along with (among others) Karen Ellemann, chairman of the Network of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRSR network).

She arrived in a great mood. Her spirit was clearly ready to work. Karen Ellemann welcomed her. In 2020, Crown Princess Mary was part of the new ICPD25 High Task Commission. The purpose of this independent commission is to follow up on the global commitments made at the Nairobi Summit. This is why Crown Princess Mary had such an important role at the meeting.

Mainly, the roundtable meeting took place to refresh everything discussed at the Nairobi Summit two years ago. More specifically, how we can achieve the goal of women and girls' right to decide over their own bodies. Both UNFPA, the SRSR Network, UN Women and many more participated the meeting along with the Crown Princess. They all have their interest in achieving a better world for women and girls.

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Did you notice that glimpse in her eye? That really made my day. She even made me smile with her smile. I truly missed these events of her participating in person. I think she has too. Her outfit was just as magnificent as her smile. I would wear this in an instant if I had the change. Love everything about it. The color combination; her blowout; the glasses, etc.

Many of you have already asked about the red coat. Yes, it was once longer and the "belt" changed a bit. Mary first started wearing this lovely coat in around 2008. Think she wore it for the first time at the Royal Life Guard's 350th anniversary in June 2008, here. She has worn it quite a few time since then. Among others, when Prince Charles and his wife Camilla visited Copenhagen in 2011, here. Last year, it was redesigned. Once again, she embraced the style by wearing a black knitted blouse and tailored trousers. I have not been able to identify the blouse yet. Any ideas?

To complete the looks, Mary had chosen simple but gorgeous accessories. Like the little red Hugo Boss handbag. I adore these vintage inspired handbag. They are not the most practical, but they can carry your most essential belongings. As jewellery, she wore yellow and white diamond studs and her golden Dulong Fine Jewelry bracelet. There are also another (silver?) bracelets, but that I do not recognize at the moment. But I do remember her rose gold Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen diamond ring.

Her glasses were a big mystery to me for months, but with the help from one of my beloved and dedicated readers her glasses were found at Gucci. They features this incredible tortoise-like colors and Gucci's golden logo. They match her hair and fair skin perfect. Just look at that hair. It is outstanding.


Glasses ● Guccis, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Bag ● Hugo Boss, here

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