What makes a good community?

23rd April

Not that long ago, we got a sneak peak of a workout filmed to the upcoming Free of Bullying Children's Race (here). Both Crown Princess Mary, as founder of the Mary Foundation, and Johanne Smith Nielsen, as General Secretary of Save the Children, participated the warm-up. 

The two of them "met" again in this little video posted on the Mary Foundation's social media. What makes a good children's community? This question was given to both Johanne Smith Nielsen, the Crown Princess and several others who participate the Free of Bullying program. One word to make their answer. 

Crown Princess Mary wrote: "tryghed" = security. She argued that children need security in life to develop. Others wrote respect, courage, care and trust. 

Once again we get a glimpse of how it looks, when Mary is behind her desk in her home office at Frederik VIII's Palace. I love these moments. Especially, these relaxed moments. The atmosphere was indeed relaxed and comfortable.

Participating the little challenge, Mary was wearing one of her old Britt Sisseck blouses. A thin black blouse featuring small dots. She uses it as a belt, but in fact it works as a scarf. My guess is that she matched it with simple black trousers and perhaps black pointed pumps.

She embraced the style with a golden Cartier bracelet and probably more, but we cannot see them. Again, Mary was wearing her beloved brown Gucci glasses. They seems to be a favorite at the moment. I spotted her little leaf-printed Tapet Café clutch on her desk right next to her. Maybe a sleeve to her tablet?


Blouse ● Britt Sisseck, here

Glasses ● Gucci, here

Bracelet ● Cartier, here

Clutch ● Tapet Café, here

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