Opening of "The Day of Research 2021"

23rd April

On Friday, Crown Princess Mary visited Naturcenter Amager in Kastrup to attend the official opening of Day of Research 2021. The event is a national science festival that takes place every year. Its purpose is to create a space for scientists and citizens. Day of Research focuses on how research and innovation can help solve different challenges in society. 

This year "Climate on the menu" was launched as a new program for schools. The program focuses on, among other things, food waste, biogas and climate-friendly food.

Crown Princess Mary was welcomed by Minister of Education and Research Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen. In all three categories as mentioned above, the Crown Princess presented winners and handed over diplomas.  The School at Islands Brygge worn the prize for climate-friendly food. Bavnehøj School won food waste and The Classenske Scholarship School won another food waste challenge.

KongehusetBilled Bladet Billed Bladet  Billed Bladet

Another grey suit! And this one is a wool-blended suit. Two of my favorite things! With a little help from Billed Bladet her suit has been identified as REMAIN Birger Christensen and it seems like I was able to help them a bit too (here). At first I thought it looked a bit clumsy with the boots and rather long blazer. But then I realized that she was also wearing a brown leather belt and that seems to change my mind - completely. That really made the different to me. Then it looked put together and well-balanced. 

It also looks like Mary was wearing a brand new blouse from Reiss. It features some very beautiful details with the pleatings and turtleneck. That powder pink blouse and grey tweed suits made an outstanding match. Don't you think?

As mentioned, she accessorized her outfits with new brown boots. To me it looks just like Gianvito Rossi. (here). They have the same characteristic chunky heel, color and toe. With the brown belt this was a wonderful combination.

I also see yellow diamond earrings, a golden ring from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and one of her Kknekki hairbands. When would you wear this outfit? 


Blazer ● REMAIN Birger Christensen, here

Blouse ● Reiss, here

Trousers ● REMAIN Birger Christensen, here

Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

Hairband ● Kknekki, here


  1. Always nice to see the CPss, at work. I like her suit. It has been too long to see her in person.

    1. I truly has :) It is great to have her back - especially, when she is wearing these wonderful outfits.