Evening event at Christiansborg Castle

Wednesday, October 24th

It was a big night last on Wednesday when the Queen hosted an evening event at Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen. The event was held for the Danish Government, Parliament and Danish members of The European Parliament - among others.

Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte jointed Queen Margrethe at Christiansborg Castle. All five members of the royal family were in a great spirit at the arrival, such as during the evening. Especially the Crown Princess and Queen Margrethe seemed to really enjoy themselves.

The evening event takes place once within each parliamentary term (which means, within a periode of four years). It is about that time now. All attending guests were invited to dinner and a little bit of fun - the royal way. A Danish comedian entertained and Sopran Signe Sneh Durholm shared her musical world with the guests. Wonderful how it is possible to make it a great night with two such different artists. Is that possible where you live?

An hour before midnight the Queen entered the dance floor for everybody. Of course les lanciers was chosen - it is the Queen's favourite dance. And where else to dance les lanciers then in the rooms of the Banquet Hall?

Many videos and lots of photos have been shared on both social media accounts and at the royal family's website. Gives the impression that many closely followed the evening from near and far. It also shows us what a great evening it was.

Finally an event that takes a real evening gown. I had not idea what to expect from any of them. I was a little surprised to learn that both Princess Marie, Princess Benedikte and Mary wore similar midnight blue gowns. But all three of them looks stunning in each their dress. Personally I love the gown Princess Benedikte wore. Very suitable for her age, figure and event. Queen Margrethe amazed both guests and followers around the world with her magnificent colourful gown. Getting 70 seems no age, taking the Queen as rolemodel. I will leave the rest of the commenting to you.

Luckily Mary showed up in a reused Jesper Høvring (collection: Fall 2014) gown. Luckily, because I haven't been that easy with finding things lately. So a reused dress makes it much easier for me. It is the second time she wears it like this. First it was worn at the BAMBI Charity Award in 2014, here. Two years later she dazzled wearing the dress as a skirt at New Years eve, here. I kinda missed it with the matching blouse. Now it is back.

She embraced the evening style by wearing her wedding tiara featuring diamonds, a matching bracelet and a huge aquamarine blue ring. I am sure you noticed the earrings as well. Do you remember them? They were first worn in 2017 at the birthday celebration of King Harald and Queen Sonja, here. The earrings were found sold on a Bruun Rasmussen auction, here (page 254-255). Matching the rest of her outfit, Mary wore a blue satin clutch from Prada and Gianvito Rossi pumps. Also take a note of her incredible hairstyle.

Gown  Jesper Høvring Midnight Blue Sequin Dress
Earrings  Bruun Rasmussen
Clutch  Prada Blue Satin Clutch
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi Pretty Satin Pumps


  1. The Queen and Pss Marie looked lovely. But CP Mary and Pss Benedikte are the winners today,also love the jewelry. The several strand of pearl are fantastic.

  2. Always enjoy this well-done blog. Also coverage of evening event at news.com.au, from Australia; headline "Age-defying Mary stuns in solo appearance". I am an admirer of Danish Royal Family in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and hope to visit Denmark some day! What a lovely extended family to have as positive role models for country.

    1. Thank you for all your kind words about the blog. Means the world to me.

      I also want to thank you for sharing another article with me. I am always out for new sources to share with my readers.

      Hopefully your wish to visit Denmark one day, will come true. Denmark is indeed a lovely country and much more than just beautiful design.