Conference at PwC

Thursday, October 25th

Before attending the big presentation of a fashion award later in the evening, the Crown Princess arrived to Hellerup. She was about to attend a conference for foundations at PwC - one of the world's largest audit- and consulting companies. The Crown Princess participated as Chairwoman of the Mary Foundation. The embedded post was posted by the Mary Foundation on occasion of Crown Princess Mary's participation in the conference.

The conference aimed to focus on a funds role in the community. How and why fund's are important. Ideas and experiences were shared by leading heads of foundations - among others, the Mary Foundation. The Crown Princess once entered the stage and spoke about the Mary Foundations goals, values and foundation to work. In her speech she also encouraged all the other attendances to create dialogue, world together and collaborate with others.

According to PwC, the funds conference was directed to CEO, CFO, boards members and other leaders of foundation's in Denmark.

Attending the big conference in Hellerup Mary was dressed in some lovely colours. At the arrival she showed us her grey wool coat from JOSEPH. For years she has shown us how to wear a grey coat like this with elegance. I still love the way she wears it over her shoulders. Looks great, right? Maybe not the best idea at the moment, because it was a very windy day. But as usual, Mary made it work.

At the conference hall we got a look at what else she had chosen to wear. All bordeaux. A wonderful colour to wear this time a year. The blouse is a Jesper Høvring design, worn at a couple of occasions before this one. The skirt I think we have seen before, but at the moment I can't recall when. Do you remember when this skirt was else worn? Great to see to different pieces, match this perfectly in colour.

Mary then embraced the style by wearing reused suede pumps from Prada. The pumps features both a black and bordeaux colour. At first I was not fan about this combo, but after all it looks good. As jewellery she matched her outfit with golden bracelets from both Cartier and Dulong Fine Jewelry. I was not sure about her ring. Now I realized that she is in fact wearing three rings - two from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and one from Dulong Fine Jewelry.

Carlend Copenhagen is the designer of her black croco clutch. I haven't got a number on how many times we have seen this clutch, but I found a few examples, here, here, here, here.

Coat  JOSEPH Double Cashmere Oslo Coat
Blouse  Jesper Høvring
Bracelet  Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry Delphis Bracelet
Rings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Ring  Dulong Fine Jewelry Pacific Ring
Clutch  Carlend Copenhagen Original Vanessa Croco

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