Day 1 and 2: Business visit from Sweden

17 September

Yesterday, Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel arrived to Copenhagen on occasion of a business visit. This is why the couple is traveling along with a business delegation from Sweden. The couple arrived to Denmark on Monday. They were official welcomed by the Swedish ambassador in Denmark, H.E. Fredrik Jörgensen. Later in the evening Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel were more privately welcomed by the Danish Crown Prince Couple in their home at Amalienborg Castle. The Royal House shared a few pictures from their private meeting, here

The Swedish couple is staying in Denmark for three day from Septemer 16-18th. The visit focuses on strengthening and the development of a stronger relationship between Denmark and Sweden when it comes to healthcare and finding more sustainable solutions. At the same time this visit is also about UN's 17 world goals. According to the Royal House both couple's are committed to make the 17 worldgoals work in reality.

Visiting the UN City & DI's Summit

This morning the two royal couple's were gathered in the UN City in Copenhagen. Grete Faremo, Executive Director of UNOPS (UN project management office) had the privileged honor to welcome both Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary when they arrived. The visit was all about trying to the innovative partnerships behind the UN World Goals on sustainable development. Among other, were they four of them introduced to presentation on 'Innovation Partnerships with the UN to accelerate the SDG's'. It was great seeing all of them together again.

After visiting the UN City, all four of them attended the Danish Industry Summit 2019 in DR Concert Hall in Copenhagen. They smiled and had fun all day. Especially when arriving to the Concert Hall. The summit was all about green solutions. How both companies, politicians and citizens can work together on a sustainable future growth, which Crown Princess Victoria also spoke about in her speech. Crown Prince Frederik also took part in the event. He presenteded the DI Prize 2019.

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Well, well, well. Now we are talking. Mary you looked amazing and sexy in that brand new jumpsuit of yours. Heaven already managed to identify that this new piece is coming from a Max Mara collection. Every one of you who have already commented on her outfit (without me having made no post yet) is thrilled as I am. These kinda loose jumpsuit are highly fashionable right now. Mary rocked every pieces of it.

She accessorized the new jumpsuit with simple black pointed leather pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Nothing new about them, nor the black Carlend Copenhagen clutch. Accessories that never go out of style in my opinion. I really like how she worked this simple and modern looking outfit. Very minimalistic.

The diamond earrings are a design by Sophie Bille Brahe and the delicate diamond ring is from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. At the moment I am not sure if she wore other jewellery, other than her golden necklace featuring green beads from Nadia Shelbaya. Mary completed her look with a chic ponytail and eye-catching makeup.

Jumpsuit  Max Mara, here
Earrings ● Sophie Bille Brahe, here
Necklace ● Nadia Shelbaya, here
Ring ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Clutch ● Carlend Copenhagen
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

HMS Nyköping and a "Swedish" dinner

Before having dinner the Danish Crown Prince Couple were invited to see the Swedish battleship, HSM Nyköping. On a daily basis the ship belongs in the harbor of Karlskrona. On Tuesday it had found its way to the Amalie Garden - the small garden separating Amalienborg to Copenhagen Harbor.

The weather was nothing good. It was rainy and windy. But it just made everyone smile and laugh. Everything is wya more comfortable on a warm and sunny summer evening, but the rain gave memorable pictures. Especially Crown Princess Mary was one big smile.

About an hour or so later Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel were invited to dinner with Fredrik Jörgensen (the Swedish ambassador in Denmark) and his wife as hosts. Both hosts and all four royals welcomed the rest of the guest from both Denmark and Sweden at the arrival.

First, I have to say that I adore Crown Princess Victoria's outfit. The color combo and fabrics are adorable. She looks so beautiful. So did Mary. I am thrilled to see her in that Ralph Lauren dress again. This dress was originally a floor-length gown. Then she changed it to what we see today. A shorter version. I would really like to see the dress without coat and blazer, but I truly understand why she both wore her wool coat from JOSEPH and her crispy white Max Mara blazer. She has worn the outfit before on May 16th 2019 when attending dinner on occasion of Copenhagen Fashion Summit, here. A very glamorous look.

Trying to keep everything in control despite rain and wind, my eyes were on her magnificent accessories. Took my quite a while to realize that Mary was wearing her old diamond earrings from Cenius & Bach. They come with three different size and colored stones pendants. Last night she showed off powder pink Rose Quartz pendants. A perfect match to the necklace and reused Bottega Veneta clutch.

The stunning updo completed her outfit with such perfection. I absolutely love that she's wearing these different feminine updo's again. She did years ago, but then suddenly we rarely saw them. It inspires my to try some myself. Mary topped off her evening and dinner outfit with chic Prada pumps.

Coat ● JOSEPH, here
Blazer ● Max Mara, here
Dress ● Ralph Lauren
Earrings ● Cenius & Bach, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bracelets  Cartier, here
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Rings ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Clutch ● Bottega Veneta, here
Shoes ● Prada, here


  1. I always enjoy seeing this four together! The Crown Princess and Max Mara are a match made in fashion heaven. Some of my all time favourite looks of hers are by this brand. The silk dress worn at Prince Oscar's christening, the ivory trouser suit first worn in Sweden and the Leonida pink jumpsuit worn at the Danish Rainbow Awards. This jumpsuit only cements my enthusiasm for their pairing. Its strikingly stylish, I love the swept back hair and minimal accessories. The jumpsuit is doing all of the work, with its impeccable tailoring and crisp wool fabric which hangs softly. The strong 80's inspired shoulders are balanced by the wide built in waist belt and knife creases in the trouser legs. According to the product description it was inspired by pieces from the archive designed by French couturier Anne-Marie Beretta, despite it's dramatic effect it has an effortlessness that I associate with French style. A brilliant look!

    1. You are not the only one to love her outfit - the chic new jumpsuit styled with simple yet classy accessories. She really rocked that 80s vibe that you mentioned. Suits her to be a little more edgy.

  2. I adore this Ralph Lauren two piece/gown, it's so romantic and hasn't dated at all. A testament to classic style. The glimpse of soft pink tones through the antique gold lace are heavenly. This is an innovative reworking of an older piece. Max Mara's panama jacket looks effortless over the dress, it dilutes the ultra feminine look with it's clean cut and straight lapels. Delicate blush tones are scattered throughout, the beautiful jewellery and muted accessories quietly enhance the look. Nothing is distracting, it all works harmoniously and feels very light. Her hair styled up looks regal, creating a pause at the neck to showcase the stunning pendant. My only criticism is that this ensemble feels quite familiar having been last seen in May. It was a touching tribute to Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, having been worn at their pre-wedding dinner. Also, it highlights the Crown Princess's commitment to sustainable fashion which I applaud. 
    The coat was no doubt worn as a shield from the rain, it is one of my favorites in Mary's collection. I think it looks equally elegant worn as a cape over evening wear or belted for day wear. Taupe has proved surprisingly versatile, the collarless design and flare skirt are wonderfully elegant. 

    1. The Ralph Lauren dress is also one of my favorites. Especially when she altered the length. Suddenly it seems like a whole new dress. I just hope to see her without a blazer, but now the weather doesn't allow it.