INDEX: Award 2019 Ceremony

06 September

Earlier during the day Crown Princess Mary attended Golden Days Festival 2019 at University of Copenhagen, here. At the festival she met with among others former President of Poland, Lech Walesa.

In the evening she was guest of honor at the INDEX: Award 2019 Ceremony taking place at The Plant in Copenhagen. Hundreds of guests from all over the world were invited to award show along with Crown Princess Mary. She was in a splendid mood, just like earlier in the day. The Crown Princess has attended the award show several times before. Usual she hand over the awards. So did she this year.

INDEX: Award is a very special design award given to five winner every second year. The winners are divided in categories - Body, Home, Work, Play & Learning and Community. The INDEX: Award   celebrate and reward sustainable and life-changing designs. Imagine creating a design that gives you an award for being both life-changing and good for the planet. During the show several new and innovative inventions were presented.

Mary you took my breath away! I have completely fallen in love with her outfit at the INDEX: Award show. Love that she wore this incredible and eye-catching Etro dress again. Maybe you remember when we first saw it? You are right. She wore it when her beloved husband celebrated his 50th birthday last year, here. Back then she looked gorgeous. Now I love her and the dress even more. The color, silhouette, print, everything makes me happy. I love wearing colors myself. Do you?

She embraced the style by wearing a pair of black mesh pumps from Gianvito Rossi. The same as earlier that same day. But really. You do not get tired of good design, right? I now it sounds a bit stupid, but I am very fascinated by looking and studying the shape of heeled shoes. So many different shapes, heights, colors, embellishments, etc. Think I got a glimpse of her black glitter box clutch from Sergio Rossi. Also incredible good design that works no matter what.

I am sure you also noticed her beautiful earrings and the matching green ring. At first I thought the earrings features a blue stone, but I was wrong. It is green. The ring is a reuse but the earrings are brand new - at least for Mary to wear them. It turns out that her new earrings are purchase at an Bruun Rasmussen Auction. I learned about the purchase from Kate. I did not believe I was suppose to be even more thrilled, but I was. Look at her hairstyle. If you have followed me for some time, you'd know that I absolutely adore these updos.

Dress ● Etro, here
Earrings ● Sold at Bruun Rasmussen Auction, here
Clutch ● Sergio Rossi, here
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here


  1. An incredible award to be given! Initially I thought this dress might be hard to re-style but the Crown Princess has done so successfully. Mary's first look at Crown Prince Frederik's birthday celebrations was bolder with the turquoise earrings, wavy hair and strappy sandals, here it is far more refined with the chignon and simpler shoes. Mostly what switches up the look is the removal of the black belt, the print flows more fluidly without being broken at the waist. Both looks worked well and were appropriate for their events. The asymmetrical hemline and wide sleeves add movement to the silk piece, pink is such a flattering colour on her, she seems to be able to wear all shades with aplomb. Fuchsia and emerald are an unusual but stunning colour combination, I am intrigued by these new earrings, they are beautiful and complement the print perfectly, I hope we find out more about them. Her updo showcases them, along with the simplicity of the black border of the cross over neckline. A brilliant repeat!

    1. We actually did find out more about her new emerald green and diamond earrings. It turns out that they have been purchased on an auction. Kate, my lovely reader managed to identify the purchase. Incredible job, right?

    2. Amazing find! Well done Kate! I love these auction pieces.

  2. Oh this is gorgeous, the colours in the dress are just lovely. The Crown Princess up do is perfect. She looks amazing.

    1. Love that I am not the only one who noticed her magnificent updo. It's beautiful, right?