LOKK conference: "Nordic Women Against Violence 2019"

20 September

Crown Princess Mary had an important meeting with Mogens Jensen, Danish Minister for Food, Fisheries, Gender Equality & Nordic Cooperation. The two of them have met and traveled together on several previous occasions. At the meeting the Crown Princess and Minister discussed different topics dealing with gender equality, here.

In the afternoon Crown Princess Mary arrived to Hotel Scandic in Copenhagen to attend the opening of the conference 'Nordic Women Against Violence 2019'. Crown Princess Mary is patron of the organisation hosting the conference LOKK - Landsorganisationen af Kvindekrisecentre (the Country Organization of Women Crisis Center).

As both patron and guest of honor, she gave a speech at the opening. In her speech, among others, she mentioned that gender equality in genereal is more common than most other places in the world. Still the extent of both physic and mental violence against ones partner is a bigger issue than we may think. She made it clear that we have to be more focuses on mental violence due to the intensification of criminal cases involving this kind of violence. Applaus for her well-chosen words and the fact that she is committed to make a difference on such an important, but hard topic to talk about. The embedded post from the Mary Foundation's Facebook page shows the Crown Princess speaking in front of her audience. 

Meeting with Mogens Jensen and later on at the opening of 'Nordic Women Against Violence 2019' together with LOKK Mary was beautifully dressed in a classy suit. The chic, rather long, blazer is a reuse from ZARA. She has worn it on a number of different occasions. Mary first wore this incredible  piece in 2017 when attending the world premiere of Jaha's Promise, here. Do you remember her first time wearing the blazer? I do. Very clearly actually. At the opening Mary matched her blazer with black fitted trousers and one of her beloved Hugo Boss blouses.

She embraced the style by wearing really, really old earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry. These Rose Quartz pendant drop earrings goes way back in time. I can't tell exactly when we first saw them, but it was sometime around 2009. Beautiful design, right? The diamond ring is also from Dulong Fine Jewelry. Am I the only one noticing that she has not been wearing her wedding- and engagement bands lately? Instead she has worn this (magnificent) diamond ring.

More than once Mary has shown us how to style the perfect outfit. And the perfect outfit takes the right pair of shoes. At the opening of LOKK's conference Mary had chosen reused pumps from Jimmy Choo featuring a chunky heel. Looks good. Another good old accessory is her black braided Bottega Veneta handbag. Really, this is an easy go-to outfit to try yourself.


Blazer ● ZARA, here
Blouse ● Hugo Boss, here
Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry
Ring ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bag ● Bottega Veneta, here
Shoes ● Jimmy Choo, here


  1. I admire the Crown Princess for tackling such worthy causes that aren't always easy to talk about. Acknowledging it and bringing it out into the open will hopefully reduce stigma and help those in need. This is such a sophisticated look which I identify with Mary. I love each and every item. All classic pieces that we have seen before, which can be mixed and matched across her wardrobe. The Hugo Boss blouse is a particular favorite of mine (I believe she has it in several colours). I love the soft design of the gathered pleats around the neckline and the elegant drape of the silk fabric. The pretty pink is a refreshing change from more neutral colours which can be associated with business wear. The Dulong quartz earrings are the perfect complement. I may have mentioned before that I generally prefer handbags to clutches, the Bottega Veneta woven bag is a a timeless piece, which I'm sure we will continue to see for years to come. 

    1. She does have the Hugo Boss blouse in several different colors - black, red, blue, etc. I also like this specific style. It works perfect as a basic blouse without looking too ordinary. I get why the Crown Princess likes wearing it.

  2. I like CPss Mary's commitment to her charities and causes. And this one today is very important. Like her professional Manner and her suit.