Golden Days Festival 2019

06 September

Crown Princess Mary arrived to University of Copenhagen as guest of honor to attend Golden Days Festival 2019. She was warmly welcomed by the world famous fighter of freedom, the Polish Lech Walesa. All of them were in a splendid mood. Especially the Crown Princess was one big smile and she seemed so comfortable.

Golden Days Festival is all about sharing knowledge, history and culture and honoring all three of them. With this years theme "1989" the Crown Princess attended an important event at University of Copenhagen on occasion of the 30th anniversary of, among others, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the reunification of Europe and the beginning of the internet. Three major events that have had great impact on the world as we know it today.

Lech Walesa is former Polish President and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. He gave a speech as part of the opening of Golden Days Festival with the Crown Princess and a room packed with guests in front of him. The Lech Walesa Freedom Award was also presented and handed over to Tove Smidth, Mayor of Gladsaxe. Congratulations to Tove Smidth!

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Mary looked outstanding when attending the Golden Days Festival 2019 at University of Copenhagen. I had not idea what to expect to see, but it wasn't this. She dazzled in a brand new dotted silk shirt dress. Heaven identified her new dress as a Carolina Herrera creations. She also recognized that the black leather belt is from Max Mara. Mary has two the belt in two other colors as well - navy blue, here and creamy white, here. Seems like she just had to have one of each color. We get it, right? Talking about belts. Mary did something really clever. The dress. comes with a matching belt. She used it as collar and tucked it in the belt. Love this lille detail.

How to accessorize a dress like this? White pearls, more leather and heels. Those stunning diamond earrings featuring white pearl pendants give a traditional and classy touch. White pearls never get too old. They keep looking good year after year. Do you have pearl jewellery in your wardrobe? I do and I love wearing them. I also see her golden Cartier bangle.

As a perfect match she mathed the Max Mara belt with one of her good old clutches from Quidam. An expensive quality leather clutch that never goes out of style. Amazing piece of accessory just like the beautiful Gianvito Rossi pumps. Wish I will be able to purchase my own pair of Rossi pumps one day - just one pair a least. They look super stylish and kinda comfortable to wear at the same time.

Last thing to notice is her hairstyle. That updo makes my heart beat. Love that she (finally) is falling in love with updos again. I missed them so much.

Dress ● Carolina Herrera, here
Belt ● Max Mara, here
Bracelets  Cartier, here
Clutch ● Quidam
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here


  1. An extremely interesting event! This ensemble is elegance personified. I love the way that the Crown Princess doesn't always wear her pussy bow blouses or belt ties in the traditional way, wearing the belt flat against the bodice like a scarf has created a far more luxurious look than the shirt neckline. I can sometimes find bows and ties overly fussy but never on Mary. The wide leather waist belt tapers the silhouette beautifully, keeping everything neat and streamlined. Sheer sleeves are graceful, here they work as a nice contrast to the block colour, the delicacy is continued in the mesh paneled pumps. The lace inserts and full skirt add a touch of extravagance to the shirt dress, which you expect with a designer piece. Simple pearl drop earrings complete the outfit perfectly.

    1. I have also fallen in love with how she wears her bows - like this one when she wears it as a neckline. I haven't tried it myself, but I am surely going to. Think it is a clever way of making an outfit more personal. Points to Crown Princess Mary for her creativity!

  2. Crown Princess Mary looks beautiful in this silk dress. Her accessories were perfect. The pearl drop earrings finished it off, stunning.

    1. I hear you are also a fan of white pearl earrings ;) They are indeed a lovely way to accessorize an outfit like this - and really, all other outfits.